Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lushui Trail 绿水道路

The Lushui Trail (綠水步道) is a short, flat, beautiful hike along the historic Cross-Hehuan Mountain RoadIt was rebuilt into paths due to the good road condition, beautiful landscape and significant ecological value. The width of the path is about 2 metres, which is similar to what it was during the Japanese Era.

The trail is about two kilometres long. Mostly gravel, it has a gentle slope and is easy to walk. About 10 minutes into the walk, there was a tunnel and heeding Allie's advice, we switched on the torch light apps in our mobile phones. It was really really dark in that 30-metre long tunnel!

The trail offers stunning views of the Liwu River (立雾溪) and interesting geological formations. 

We came upon a memorial stone along our walk and found out that it was erected in memory of four Japanese men who lost their lives here during official business here in the gorge. I then recalled hte information I read earlier at the Information Centre on how the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road was the original road built by the Japanese during their administration of Taiwan from 1895 to 1945. The purpose of the road was mostly to subdue and control the local aboriginal tribes and to enable them to better exploit the area for wood, such as camphor among others, as well as for minerals. 

Walking this trail was like walking in the footsteps of the people before us, from the local Aboriginal people to the Japanese and later to the local Taiwanese. One day, I will return in better form and fitness to walk the other trails that make up the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road.

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