Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It took us a long time to decide on where to have dinner in Jiufen. In the end, we chose to dine at this tea house called 九戶茶语.

No, they do not only serve tea, they also serve full meals. We chose one of their set meals upon their recommendation.

Service was prompt and courteous. There was a bowl of complimentary winter melon soup.

There was a box of something, which we found intriguing. They did not allow us to touch it, as it was apparently, burning hot.

Ah, so it was our prawns!

The plate of peas was lightly stir-fried and not heavily seasoned.

The braised chicken was tasty, too. If it were a warm dish, I would have eaten the whole plate. Too bad it was a cold dish.

Mum and Dad really liked the baked basket of corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, groundnuts and mushroom. Perhaps it was because of that smoky flavour.

We thought the fish was quite well done, too. The sauce was light and the fish was steamed to a texture that we liked.

At the end of the meal, they served us a plate of complimentary fruits. It was a plateful of watermelon slices and cherry tomatoes. There was a small serving of gherkin, too. 

As we chose a window table, I could see the night view of the harbour below from where we were sitting.

I could not resist taking a photo from the balcony. How pretty is the night scenery? Look at the lights and the reflection on the water, so pretty (would be prettier if I knew how to change my camera's settings).

In my opinion, no trip to Taiwan is complete without saying hello to Jiufen.

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