Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hehuan East Peak 合欢东峰

Further down the highway from Wuling (武领), there was a tourist information centre with public parking. There was also a hotel called Songxue Lodge (松雪楼), which to me was seemingly isolated from much of civilization. 

Allie led us through the hotel's carpark area and onto a pathway behind the hotel. Here, there was a wooden signpost pointing out the starting point of Hehuan Mountain's East Peak (合欢东峰)  trail.

I saw the ascend and imagined what it would have looked like on a clear day - it would have been amazing.

It was cold not only due to how high up it was but also to the weather. 

Gazing at the scenery, I felt humbled at the power of the universe. We humans, are but tiny specks in the wide world.

The different shades of green and the layers of clouds made a picturesque postcard photo.

And I managed to catch a small glimpse of Hehuan Mountain's signature sea cloud.

The Visitors' Information Centre provided washroom facilities and hiking information, including weather and hike trail condition.

Although clearly pointed out, not many people notice the wooden signboard of 3158 Cafe right behind the Visitors' Information Centre. Can you see it? At that height, I am guessing that they are Taiwan's highest cafe!

They are a good place to stop for a warm drink, and you can even select to purchase the mug that your drink is served in. Dad bought his mug and now we have a 3158 mug in our kitchen.

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