Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lumama 鲁妈妈

Allie introduced us to this place called Lumama 鲁妈妈 for dinner. Situated at 2,044 metres above sea level, we were dying to get indoors for some warmth.

It felt a little like an over-sized home renovated to include a restaurant. Yes, it felt homely. The owners are a couple - the wife is a Bai Yi woman and the husband a nationalist veteran, which explained why most of the dishes on the menu were Yunnan dishes.

We ordered quite a few dishes and ensured that there was a soup dish in our order - anything soupy is a must in cold weather.

And so our soupy dishes were this bowl of 傣味米线 and tangkwei chicken soup (当归鸡汤):

This Yunnan-style tangkwei chicken soup was very unlike the Korean-style tangkwei chicken soup. This had a stronger tangkwei taste and the chicken were in pieces, not in whole.

I quite enjoyed this stir-fried bacon with fermented vegetables (酸菜炒腊肉), as if it was a East meets West taste.

A popular Yunnan dish is the gin sa (锦洒), a mix of minced pork and herbs wrapped in raw locally-grown cabbage leaves.

This was one dish that will got our hands dirty because we had to wrap the mince with the leaves and because of its juiciness, we were busy licking our fingers so as to not waste the juice - haha!

We ordered a tangkwei omelette (当归叶煎蛋), as well, we have never tasted omelette with tangkwei in it. Surprise surprise, in actual fact, the omelette was only garnished with tangkwei leaves. What was inside it was spring onion. Or perhaps there were some tangkwei leaves in it but we could not taste them.

Nevertheless, it was a hearty meal for all of us.

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