Thursday, October 08, 2015

Molu Lane 摸乳港

Also in Lukang is a Molu Lane (摸乳港). Sounds odd, does it not? Who would name an alley Breast Touching Alley? We were a little sceptical when we heard its name, which even had Dad wondering to walk the alley or not...

He did in the end. I mean, we have come all the way, so what is there not to try? 

I followed in pursuit and wow, it was extremely narrow! The alley, at its widest was 100cm and narrowest at 70cm. Evidently, it would not be wide enough for two persons to pass and when two persons did, their chests would be in contact with each other, hence the name.

In fact, this alley functions as a fire safety path. Perhaps in the olden days, it was helpful but today, I don't think any fire could be stopped with just this!

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