Thursday, October 22, 2015

Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士 & Green Green Grasslands 青青草原

Luck was not on our side as we approached the mountains. Rain clouds gathered and gradually, the pitter patter of raindrops became louder and more constant. The grey skies was not good for optimum photography, unfortunately, but I tried my best.

Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士) is part of Cingjing Farm (清境农场) was so named due to its resemblance to misty, Northern European surroundings.

It was a colourful little garden but the colours were less from the flowers and more from the artificial decorations put in place.

I believe that if not for the weather, the place would have felt more pleasant but we think that it is a place that you would visit once only.

Also due to the weather, our stop at Green Green Grasslands (青青草原) was less enjoyable. We just missed the sheep shearing show (but we have seen that in Australia and New Zealand anyway) and so we headed directly to where the equestrian show was performed. We waited for a bit, trying to find the least wet spot in the audience seating. I know Mum and Dad were a little annoyed with the rain but I insisted on waiting because we can't go away without watching anything, can we? And I am glad that we stayed because the equestrians were quite skilful. I was quite impressed.

Not only was it wet, it was really cold up in the mountains. Well, we were 1,750 metres above sea level so naturally it would be cold!

Even the webs in the leaves that sparkle with water drops look like snowflakes!

As we descended the stairway towards the carpark, we bade farewell to the adorable sheep grazing in the cold... er, maybe not so cold for them, they may love this weather.

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