Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cing Jing Xiao Zhu 清境小筑

My worries regarding accommodation in the mountains came to naught because I found out that there were hundreds of places to stay at from the cheap budget motels to big hotels and one-of-a-kind boutique homestays.

For our night up in the mountains, I chose to stay at a place called Cing Jing Xiao Zhu 清境小筑. Browsing their website somehow gave me the impression that they are similar to a place I would find in Cameron Highlands. And I was not wrong in my assumption.

Not only was the exterior of this B&B similar but also the weather and surroundings. The dirt road leading to this B&B was a meandering narrow one that skirted vegetable patches and allowed only one vehicle at any time.

The reception was unmanned when we arrived but there were instructions on calling the owner on the counter. Apparently, they live nearby and had just ducked home for a bit.

There was a cosy hangout platform with a pot of Chinese tea and snacks.

We walked through an outdoor area complete with comfy chairs, beanbags and coffee tables to get to our rooms.

My original booking was for a room on the top floor because I wanted the view but was informed by the owner that the view would be the same as there were no obstructions. As Mum and Dad did want top climb up too many flights of stairs with heavy luggage bags, we took up the suggestion to take the room directly beneath the original room.

The room was comfortable and had a sufficient bathroom.

The morning scenery from our room was breathtaking. No regrets switching rooms.

The dining area where breakfast was served resembled a canteen but with more fancy furniture. Those wooden chairs with floral cushioning were really heavy and difficult to move.

Breakfast was home-cooking served buffet-style. It was a meal of very typical Taiwanese brekkie.

And right beside the dining area, there were big juicy lettuces growing in rows!

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