Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel

Within South East Asia, I have only visited two countries - Singapore and Indonesia. When Dad decided to go to Laos for our family trip, I did not need any convincing to jump on board. Instead of visiting the capital of Vientiane, we chose to visit the ancient kingdom and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang.

After a whole day of flying, waiting and transiting, it was dusk by the time we arrived at our accommodation for two nights - Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel. It felt as thought it was converted from a normal family home, as there were normal families living around the hotel. Mum and Aunt were ecstatic just seeing so many flowers in bloom around us, especially that gigantic bougainvillea tree in bright pink full bloom glory at the intersection just a block away from the hotel.

We were quickly ushered in to the reception area from the airport shuttle (arranged with the hotel during reservation) by the hotel staff, luggage and all. We were impressed with their level of English proficiency, too. Even more surprised when we found out that the person-in-charge at that time was a New Zealander lady.

Our room was in the other building across the courtyard.

We noticed that there were tables and chairs in the courtyard and were informed that that would be where breakfast would be served. We climbed up the flight of stairs to reach our rooms.

The terracotta-tiled balcony had a few armchairs and coffee tables, presumably for that beer and nut chat or a smoke or two.

They used the same tiles in the rooms. While Mum and Dad's room had a similar layout, their room had a queen-sized bed. The room Aunt and I shared had two single beds, which we were perfectly happy with. I liked how they used what resembled a traditional bamboo fish trap as lamp shades.

Their shower area was really open. I mean, just look at it... no doors...

Although using a ceramic basin as a sink is a trendy and "good-looking" thing, it rates low on practical use. But the room came with all the basic stuff like a hairdryer, face towels, toilet rolls, floor mat and bottles of mineral water. The toiletries provided were even organic. They could do with more space for hanging clothes, though. 

I thought they were in an amazing location, as they are walking distance to everywhere! One road down this way was The Mekong while one road up the other way was the Nam Khan River. Easy access to both morning and night markets, eateries and temples.

15 Ban Phone Hueang, Unit 3 Kounxoa Road, Luang Prabang, 06000 Laos
Tel: +856 71 255 050; E-mail: reception@lotusvillalaos.com

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