Sunday, February 21, 2016

Silk Ikat Weaving

A bamboo bridge was built to cross the Nam Khan River by locals and every person who crossed it would pay a minimal fee for the maintenance of the bridge. 

When asked, the lady manning the collection booth explained that it was also a form of side income, as the bridge will only stand there for 6 months. The other half of the year is considered unsafe, as the river would swell with monsoon waters.

We randomly explored the other side of the river, walking down streets aimlessly for a tourist-less feel and chanced upon a home with a compound converted into a shop. It reminded me very much of the converted village homes we have in Seri Kembangan, too.

The proprietor was weaving when we entered. It was my first time watching silk ikat weaving in action.

There were rolls of colourful silk thread strung together hanging on the side of the weaving machine. Such a meticulous handicraft, weaving, and what I saw was just a normal piece of cloth. One with fancy design must take ages!

She explained that it was a family business, as her sister weaves with her.

Mum has a thing for cottage industries - she feels compelled to buy something from them to support their hard work.

And so began our long wait for her to choose the things she wanted.

In the end, we went home with scarves and a set of traditional Lao dress called sinh.

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