Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Bald Hill & A Sea Cliff Bridge

A hill and a bridge. Of highlands and oceans. It is like yin and yang, don't you think? Very good feng shui elements.

A popular stopover for biker groups and a well-visited lookout point for tourists and locals alike, Bald Hill boasts a breath-taking panaroma of the Tasman Sea.

You could also see our next destination...

The name is also synonymous with hang gliding, as it serves as a world-renown hang gliding centre.

Have a look at the exterior of the public toilets:

Yup, it is THAT synonymous. It was on the beach below Bald Hill that Lawrence Hargrave, an Australian pioneer of flight, experimented with box kites in the early part of the 20th century. The Lawrence Hargrave Drive that the hill is situated along, is named after him and begins at the Helensburgh exit of the Old Princes Highway.

Having soaked in the scenery, we then drove down the windy road and parked the car. The next part of our day involved traveling on foot. To get to our destination, we passed a playground with a view...

... and many houses with designs my dear friend kept in mind. Rock pools making convenient fishing spots and steep cliff faces lined with tall pine trees skirt the Sea Cliff Bridge. The 665m long, award-winning off-shore and parallel-to-coast structure forms part of the Grand Pacific Drive. If you ask me, I'd reckon that it is a route not to be missed if you were planning on traveling from Sydney towards Wollongong.

The walk along the fully pedestrian and cycle-accessible bridge also provides information, should you like to know more:

However, this time around, we did not walk the entire length of the bridge. Perhaps, next time?

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