Friday, July 30, 2010

Life #7

Some things happen for a reason - you either recognise their significance or you don't
So do you shrug your shoulders and just brush them aside?
Do you let your heart overtake or let your mind decide?
Or do you just sit back and relax and let life take you on a ride?

Some people you meet for a reason - you either keep them in your life or you don't
So do you let them stay in your memories or just let them pass you by?
Do you let them make you happy but yet refuse to let them make you cry?
Or do you accept them with an open heart and let them set your soul out to fly?

Why don't we ask how to make everything work after we ask why?
Why don't we focus on our own truths rather than on other people's lies?

We are all not perfect, but at least, we all try.

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