Thursday, July 29, 2010

My first sunrise

I know. It is rather sad. I am turning 27 this year, have had three boyfriends (the last one for five years), have been on numerous crazy trips with friends and I have not seen sunrise. Sigh. But hey, I finally got to it!

It is funny that it is when we stop in our tracks to watch the most common occurrences in life take place that we are reminded of how miniscule we are in this world. Who are we to demand so much out of life, out of the people around us, especially the people we love most?

I was humbled and awed by how this magnificent star is able to influence life to its very core. Its magnificent rays seeping through the darkness of the universe, spreading light like how soil absorbs water. Ah, sunshine...

I need to keep my head held up high, for to some people, I am sunshine. And some of you, are mine.

My first sunrise experience: memorable. Extremely.

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