Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kellys Falls

Has anyone heard of Kellys Falls? No, I did not think anyone would have, as there is hardly any info on the Internet regarding the place either. But, that did not stop us from exploring the place, which is situated in the same area as the Sri Venkateswara Temple. It is sort of next door. The entrance was not conspicuous, which had us making a U-turn further down the road.

What was supposed to be a short 5-minute drive to the car park area became a bumpy 10-minute one due to the many potholes along the access road. Picnic tables and benches were visible but with an access road like that, I wonder if many people visit the place.

Walking down the rocky path, I was not sure what to expect. Was this a waterfall that we could touch? Or just one that we could admire from afar?

I was pleasantly surprised, as behind the shoddy signposts flowed a picturesque rocky waterfall...

... which I could walk across!

Marking the start of the Hacking River, there are bushwalking tracks on the other side of the waterfall. From the lookout, you could see parts of the falls...

... and also the sea!

As we were about to follow the path, two youngsters came back from the opposite direction and we found out from them that there was nothing much to see from there on. However, we decided to move on, just to see 'nothing' with our own eyes.

I was glad that I decided to push on, as the 'nothing' they mentioned turned out to be...

How could this be 'nothing'? It's pretty! And not to mention freezing cold. Haha, yes, the water was absolutely freezing but refreshing.

The track continued on the other side of this smaller falls but looking at the time, we thought it would be better not to attempt it. If you ask me, it looked as if it hardly had been trodden on. Perhaps more maintenance would bring more visitors?

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