Friday, July 12, 2013

Takeru Victoria Plaza Chatswood

The group of young Malaysian students training to be English teachers here in Macquarie introduced me to the Victoria Plaza branch of Takeru. As they are tucked away in a corner of the plaza and not clearly visible from the street, I did not know of their existence. Also, perhaps because the year they started, 2008, was a really busy year for me.

Like many modern Japanese and Taiwanese restaurants, Takeru also use technology for the ordering process.

Another F&B trend - open kitchen concept - patrons get to see what happens.

Not quite sure who ordered a bowl of edamame but we all dived into it as soon as it gets placed on the table. Haha.

As usual, I get for myself an unatamadon, a delicious bowlful of eel and scrambled egg on rice ($12.90). Sprinkle some chilli powder and I am a happy little girl. Or erm, young lady.

Then there was an order of maguro mentai mayo don, a bowlful of raw tuna, spicy cod roe and mayonnaise on rice ($12.50).

I have never had Japanese curry in a restaurant but friends seem to enjoy it. Evidently, there was an order for tonkatsu curry ($12.30).

There was a special dish called omelette chicken cheese ($12.30), which I would imagine to be very cheesy.

Some of us ordered dessert to share. I opted for a serving of cheesecake and black sesame ice-cream ($6.50). Both were yum.

Ambience, cleanliness and service were good. And I reckon the price of their food is pretty standard, too. Adds to the many Japanese options we have around.

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Takeru Victoria Plaza Chatswood
Victoria Plaza Shop 10, 369 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9412 1203, Fax: +61 2 9412 1467
Open daily for lunch and dinner


chocolatesuze said...

i find edamame so addictive!

Chrys said...

i do, too! just like those wasabi peas and sunflower seeds!