Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Teamwork Rainbow

One of the many activities that we frequently carry out at Honey Bee is completing scenarios to display on our walls. These scenarios are like large scale craft projects, which involve a group of children, sometimes from mixed age groups.

For this rainbow scenario, the children were guided by Puan Nora and Miss Foo, who modeled what to do for the children to imitate and complete independently.

Some children chose to sit on the floor, some chose to stand while a few others chose to grab chairs.

There was much negotiating that occurred between the children; lots of asking for glue, passing different colour paper and asking for help with tearing or cutting.

They would also ask the Puan Nora in Malay, "Puan Nora, macam ini ah?" or Miss Foo in Mandarin, "这样可以吗?"

It is always a sight to behold to watch children working collaboratively, as they use so many of their existing social, cognitive and language skills. In addition, the sharing and negotiating that occurs further develops their emotional and higher order thinking.

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