Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bann Mai Thai

Tucked in a corner of a busy intersection is a newly-renovated Thai eatery called Bann Mai Thai. According to my Grandaunt, they recently changed management hands. Hence, she decided to bring Shan Kor Kor and myself there to try them out.

The simple layout and well-spaced out furniture made the place look spacious.

Typical of Thai restaurants, they had flowers on each table, which were unfortunately, not real. Wish they were, as real flowers lend an authentic feel to the place.

Despite the quick and warm service, food was out after a long wait. We presumed the kitchen was under-staffed for that evening.

I was absolutely thrilled when the plate of mixed entree we ordered landed on the table - I could feel my gastric developing inside me.

Shan Kor Kor ordered his forever-loved chicken dish - Green Curry Chicken...

... while Grandaunt ordered a Fungi Salad (which I quite enjoyed due to its sourness)...

... and Ginger Beef (which she enjoyed!)...

As for myself, I had Pad Thai...

... and I could see so many of you go, "No, not again!" Yes, yes again because I love Pad Thai!

However, in this particular plate of Pad Thai, I found some pieces of this:

I notified the waitress and the owner offered to cook up a new dish for me, which I politely refused. They were very apologetic about it but hey, they are human, too, so why kick up a big fuss?

Otherwise, the main dishes were fine. Do give them a try to give them some encouragement (as do all new restaurants need!)

Bann Mai Thai Restaurant
294 North Road, Eastwood, NSW 2122
02 9874 8266 (Tel)
Sunday - Wednesday 5:00pm - 9:30pm
Thursday - Saturday 5:00pm - 10:00pm

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