Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Jack Style Thai Restaurant

While in Bowral for Tulip Time, we did not encounter the problem of thinking of what to have for lunch. For some reason, we selected the first place we drove past and we did not regret our selection.

Situated on a conspicuous corner in town is Jack Style Thai Restaurant. Open every day for lunch and dinner, they also offer take away and home delivery services. A short walk from the train station, they also have a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits.

I liked their interior decor, as they tried their best to make it as authentically Thai as they could with the colourful paper umbrellas and wood carvings:

I wonder if they imported the cutlery and porcelain, as well:

And like every other Thai eatery, they would have a vase of flowers on each table. In this case, they used fresh orchids:

They had soothing Buddhist chants playing softly in the background, as well. So, it was thumbs up for ambience.

Their menu was typical of Thai places and we did not complain about their pricing. Waiters were dressed in traditional garments and service was polite. We ordered two dishes, which were served very promptly. The ginger beef was served first:

We were expecting more ginger with a little kick of spiciness to it but instead, it was on the sweet side. Perhaps they put too much sugar this time around. Otherwise, the texture of the beef was to our liking and there were plenty of thinly sliced bamboo shoot to chew on.

The coriander tofu was much better:

We absolutely loved it. Well, I for sure loved it, as I am a tofu-lover. The sauce was sweet, sour and spicy all mixed into one and with the fragrance of the coriander, it was just what we needed on a wet afternoon. This dish - recommended!

To get there from Sydney, you could take a train on the Southern Highlands line and get off at Bowral Station. Walk up Station Street towards the side with more shops. The restaurant is to the left of where the roundabout is. If you are driving, there is plenty of street parking and here is their address to punch into your GPS:

Shop 1-2, Lot 3, Corner Boolwey & Station Street, Bowral, NSW 2576

If you would like to make a booking beforehand, you could reach them at +61 2 4862 1905 (telephone) or +61 2 4862 1916 (fax).

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