Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Two dreams in a row

How often does a person dream of another person? Once a week? Once a month? Well, in this case, I dreamt of you two nights consecutively. Two!

I do not mind if they were good dreams but no, they had to be bad dreams.

Dream 1:

This was a long dream but I will cut it to the main point of the story, which involved you.

For some reason, my dad's firm became an institute of some sort. It was a whole complex, complete with a sports field and other facilities. I had my own room on one of the higher floors. And for some reason, you kept avoiding me. You even ignored me, as if you did not know who I was. I found it a little strange. When I had a chance to ask you, you turned to your girlfriend to strike up an on-the-spot conversation or ask a sudden question, which stopped me from approaching you.

There was once when I tried to approach you at the field but once I saw her, I stopped in my tracks and turned around to walk away. I noticed someone following me and stopped at the side to lean against the fence. He stopped and started to talk to me. He was cute. Haha, really good-looking this guy. As the conversation progressed, he came closer towards me and even tried to kiss me. When I allowed him to do so (I stupidly thought it could help me start a new relationship, perhaps, and help me get over you), he said some things, which made me push him away.

I live at [...]... come by at around 9... I won't tell my girlfriend about it...

I looked at him suspiciously.

What do you mean? What do you know? Who told you?

Who else? [Your name] told me. Come on, he said you're more than willing...

Teary-eyed, I stomped away. I was utterly furious and disappointed at you. You broke our trust. You broke our promise. You broke my heart. Who else did you tell, how did you tell and what did you tell? Why do you make me sound like the 'bad person' in this situation? Did you not have a part to play, as well? In this instance, I thought of what your brother said about how it is the innocent-looking people who are more dangerous.

And that was when I woke up feeling the same furiousness. Hahahahaha, thinking about it now is making me laugh. Luckily, it all happened in a dream and not in real life.

Dream 2:

The next night, my dream had you in it, too! Wah, have I not had enough of you? This was towards the end of the dream.

I was shopping in a stationery store. I think I was browsing through greeting cards and was deciding which cards to get for who. Then, you walked in, grabbed my hand and led me out of the shop. I was a little caught off-guard, as I did not expect you to appear and definitely not for you to drag me out of the shop without any warning!

You led me to a shop a few doors down. You were nervous, as your hands were fidgety in mine. I found it funny that I had to calm you down. It should have been the other way around, as you brought me to face your girlfriend's aunts. They accused me of trying to take you away from her. It felt terrible and you looked as if you were the one they were accusing.

No, my dear, they were pointing fingers at me. You could have at least said a few things to defend our position, to make clear the confusion. From two aunts, it became three and gradually, nearly the whole extended family was there. Goodness gracious, public hearing or what?

What was the point if this second dream, anyways? Why did you bring me to that shop? To be thrown accusations and called names? And why were you still holding my hand when I was trying to let go? Would that not make the matter more complicated? What was your motive, especially when you did not try to help?

It was too much for me to bear and it jolted me back to reality. That, and the noises coming from the kitchen.

Gosh, Mr. Sandman, may I please have less agitating dreams next time?

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