Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pizza party!

A new establishment of Eagle Boys Pizza opened on Concord Road and so, we ordered pizza for Justin's farewell party!

We had the Chicken Club, which is made up of chicken, bacon, cheese, mushroom, red onion, capsicum, shaved parmesan, fresh parsley and garlic aioli swirl. This is part of their Premium Range.

Looking at all the chillies and peppers, no prizes for guessing that this is The Scorcher. Despite the spiciness, I quite enjoyed it. Ingredients include chilli, garlic, jalapenos, steak strips, pepperoni, cheese, fresh tomato and red onion.

This was my favourite, as it was not something you would normally get from other pizza parlours - Garlic Prawn. The combination of prawns, garlic, cheese, capsicum, red onion, fresh parsley and garlic aioli swirl with lemon wedges on the side was sensational! Recommended!

The Caveman is one that has BBQ sauce, steak strips, BBQ pork, chicken, pepperoni, ham and cheese. I felt that it was an upgraded version of the traditional BBQ meat pizzas.

On their Traditional Menu is BBQ Meatlovers, which is comprised of BBQ sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, beef and bacon.

The simplest pizza for the night was the Pepperoni. What can go wrong with just cheese and pepperoni?

Mouth-watering, right? Ring them at 1300 EAGLE BOYS or 1300 324 532. Or rather, visit their website for specials, coupons and their wide range of pizzas, which also includes fat-free selection.


Ken Wooi said...

they sure look yummy! :)

Charles said... hell of a pizza fest ehhh

JC said...

I just had Eagle Boys Pizza too the other day =D Did not take any photographs but yea, it was good!