Monday, December 08, 2008

Meng Cheng's wedding

To be honest, this is seriously overdue and I totally blame the photographer and the bride's mum.... hahahaha... Okay, I think for a post like this, pictures speak louder than words so be prepared for a whopper of them...

Ken Lie and her husband were there, too! I think the last time I saw her would be our Grade 8 theory exam in MBS. Gosh! That was super long ago!

Of course, how can we not have a picture of my happy aunt!

Here are my oldest cousin and cousin brother-in-law, Pei Shen and 'Rabbit' Kor Kor...

My dad congratulating the newly-weds...

Some relatives who were present included mum's pretty Seremban cousin, Wan Mei and her daughter...


From the left, Hoi Ying, Hoi Ching and Li Bin are the children of two of mum's cousins. Also, they all studied at our Centre so they are not only my second cousins, they are also my students!

This is mum's cousin Chu Yuan and if you Google her name, you'd find out a few things about her...

And on the left is Lik Shan, Chu Yuan's younger brother. He was the only other relative (and the only one who spoke Hakka) in Sydney. The leng lui is Ting Ting, also my second cousin...

And now, for a family portrait:

How can we forget the traditional tea ceremony? Here's mum and I with the lucky girl before the ceremony proper:

Kau fu, yam cha...

Wahahaha... super yummy suckling!!!

To cap off the whole thing, they went to Putrajaya to snap a few panaromic shots. I tagged along because I wanted a shot with my cousin as well!

Wishing the new couple a blissful marriage! Gong Xi!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Time to move on

From loud wails and piercing screams, they have matured into confident individuals. They look out for each other and form their own little gangs. Some have extremely neat and beautiful handwriting, some are expressive in their painting. Some have good manners yet some would not open their mouths no matter how much you coax them.

As they take turns to put on the blue, red and trademark yellow, I glow with pride. How did we manage to do it? Year in, year out we face different groups. With these groups come different personalities and with these, different challenges.

Despite the complaints, we know that we will miss them. We definitely will. The good, the not so good and the in between. We will always remember all of you for you make it all worthwhile.

To the Class of 2008, taska & tadika kembangsari wish you all the best! We are so proud of you!