Friday, June 22, 2007



Today, as of 1600 hours, I am no longer an undergraduate student. Provided that I'd pass my exams (which I know I will and with almost flying colours), I am now able to call myself a graduate. Muahahaha.... after four years of staying up late, listening to iLectures, printing notes, completing assignments, rushing for the bus and watching television dramas illegally.

But, is it a case of really merdeka-ing or not? (That question sounds grammatically wrong =/). Or is it just the beginning of the journey? I think life has just begun for me. I have been told numerous times how lucky I am to be 'still a student'. While my other classmates have begun their working lives, I am just venturing into it. But hey, who says learning halts?

Knowledge is the result of lifelong learning. The knowledge I've gained through my experiences (not only from studying but everything else) in uni I will use as a stepping stone for my future endeavours. I've always believed that it is not WHAT we learn and achieve that is important. Instead, it is HOW we use what we've learnt and the lessons we've GAINED from achievement that are vital in self growth and development.

What will I be doing after this now that I'm done? Plan the itenerary and recollect enough strength and equipment for my next expedition, of course!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Found something!

Hey fellas!

As some of you know, I religiously read The Star Online every day. One day, there was an article relating to a 'modern Buddhist teacher' in KL. Caught my attention straightaway. Thankfully, the article also had a website link for me to check out. The link is now in my sidebar under His Eminence's name. It's pretty cool, really. There are links to forums, to Kechara House, to activities and even MP3s and videos of His teachings! Heck, if you YouTube His name, you'd get around 6 pages of videos! Love watching his videos - super funny but enlightening at the same time. Now I realise that my knowledge of my own religion is like THAT little. =(

Okay, okay. I admit I've not talked much about Buddhism to many of you (other than Rick whom I argued with back in college regarding the matter). Heck, I still remember how some classmates in Form 5 were shocked to realise that I was NOT Christian. And you guys call yourselves my classmates... classmates for 11 years even! Okay, classmates may not know everything about me but my cousin?!?! She thought I was Christian, too! Bah!

Not that I mind. To me, it is like we do not follow one particular religion. I mean, we live in a modern world, or so we think. We have access to information from around the world and thus learning about other religions is no difficult task. We listen to people talk about, debate and share their experiences of their religions and beliefs. I think it is only natural that we absorb and reflect on our own beliefs. Who is to say that whatever we do and believe in now is the result of only ONE religion? For me, I think it's a mixture but we focus on one as our main light of guidance.

Have a think and see if your thoughts flow along the same line as mine. Maybe yes, maybe not but it doesn't really matter. Meanwhile, I will be checking out some books by Karen Armstrong. So glad that I finally have the time (and motivation - yes, yes, I can see some heads shaking...) to actually read up more on not only Buddhism but also other religions.

Monday, June 11, 2007

NOVA Cruise

Pretty straightforward. It was a cruise. We had dinner on the cruise. There was a freeflow of beer and carbonated drinks. There was a DJ. Lots of loud music and not to mention people. The food was... erm... not worth the money but I guess that's how it works. So what was so interesting about that night?

Well, it was an excuse to just lepak with friends. Since we've not seen both Nic and Miow's new girlfriends, we decided to kepoh. You want to know what I think about them? Haha.. not telling you anything. My opinions I'll keep to myself. As long as those two fellas are happy, I'm fine. Even if they aren't happy, it's not like I can do anything. It's ultimately their life.

Also, it's my final year in Sydney as a student. Well, for now, that is. Not sure if I'll be returning to do postgrad or not yet so let's just say this is my last year in Sydney. That means it's my last year of cheapER fares. So after 4 years, I've decided to finally show face at this event organised by the Malaysian student bodies from all 4 Sydney universities. When Taufoo and Jona found out, they were shocked.

"How can you not support the activities? So anti-social ar? Why like that? Cannot like that! Mix around ma..."

Hello, but, I am perfectly fine NOT mixing with fellow Malaysians whom I have seen for the past few years of my life. If I want to mix, I wouldn't be paying so much money to mix and catch up. I'd rather go somewhere where I could actually hear what you're saying and eat proper food that would fill my stomach. Anti-social? Coming all the way from Malaysia to mix around with Malaysians again? A bit pointless, don't you think?

Sigh, is it just me or what? Why can't people just accept that not everyone enjoy the same things? Or have I grown old? Too old to mix around with the 'happening' generation.

I enjoyed myself but not to the max. It was surface enjoyment. Very erm... not sure how to put it. Doesn't come from within I guess. It was definitely tiring. I don't know how the other girls could dance on heels that are way higher than mine. They must have very strong legs. Oh, and the seasickness.........

Oh well, now I guess I'd have to think twice before attending the Annual Dinner and Dance. I would be seeing, well, the same people all over again anyway.