Friday, December 29, 2006

Year End

Hey everyone,

Yes, I have been missing in action yet again! (Many of you know that I have stuff to do so thank you for being ever so patient and understanding. Hugs!)

Have been helping mum and also have been catching up with lots of people. Of course, when there's catching up there'll be food la so yes yes, it does seem that I have not gone done in size or weight one bit. Sobs!

Today is the last day of orientiation (and pure madness!) over at mum's. Next week will be a killer week as it will be the first week of the year (and first of their lives!) for many of the kids. Crying, lots of crying, shouting ,screaming, tantrums and drama for sure. I don't blame them. Who would want to feel good in a place full of strangers?

I will be in Sabah this evening (yes, that anonymous message was me) until late Monday night. So buzz me or text me on my mobile if there's anything urgent. Until then, my thoughts and well wishes go out to the victims of the earthquake in Taiwan and the victims of the floods in Johor, Melaka, Terengganu and Kelantan.

Oh, and Happy New Year to all!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Grandma left to join Grandpa and Greatgrandma for an early Christmas this morning at 3:10am. All her 5 children were at her bedside, along with Mum, Bro and myself. I am glad that I managed to make it to see her breathe her last breath. It was a peaceful passing. Thank you for all your well wishes and concern.

I will be back in KL late Sunday night. See you guys then.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Grandma was admitted into hospital at 1:30am. I was suspecting something as dad's mobile rang a few times throughout the night, which is unusual. He was speaking very softly and did not want me to know what was happening.

The doctors would not operate and told us to let her go. All the 5 siblings (my dad, uncle and 3 aunts) all also agreed to let her go. She is 72 and who's to say she did not lead a good life? Well, it depends on what good actually means to you guys.

Grandma is expected to leave today. She was given 24 hours. She's still sleeping peacefully and according to Dad, she's breathing smoothly and has a steady heartbeat.

Why must I have my IELTS speaking test today?!?! I'll be heading over to the hospital as soon as I finish and I honestly hope I will make it to say my goodbyes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2 Forms of Contentment (Shij Style)

Emma wanted to speak to me personally. I gave her a call. She was in her office. She wanted to let me know the situation of my marks for my thesis. One marker gave me a Credit. One gave me a Distinction. So now my status is still pending. Still have no news. But I'm happy. Distinction or not, I enjoyed myself a lot and I found my writing style different. I learnt so much from Emma and I am humbled by the vast amount of knowledge my lecturers have and their approachable persona. I am glad I decided to enrol in the Honours program.

Thom Son (9), Dickson (6), Wi Xi (5) and Wi Zi's (4) mum has not arrived. It was 7pm. By right, if mum implemented her OT strictly, their mum would've needed to pay qutie a large sum. But we're a service to the community and they've been coming to us for so many years now. Thom Son will be 10 next year. He's been coming to us since he was 3. Why bicker over something as trivial as their mum not coming before we close shop?

While driving them to their dad's mobile phone shop, this conversation took place:
WZ: Shi Jing Jie Jie, how come you only have one of that thing?
SJ: What thing?
WZ: Neh, that thing (pointing at the wiper).
SJ: What do you mean?
WX: She said that 'cause we have 2 of those things!
Dickson: Yeah, we do! Many cars have 2. Why do you have only one?
WZ: Is one enough?
Dickson: Oh, I know! I know! Hers is longer! Look, it's almost reaching the side of the windscreen!
WX: Yes, yes!
Dickson: They have to make it longer because her windscreen is bigger.

Thom Son was quietly observing. I smiled. They have figured it out for themselves - their hypothesising, their reasonings, sharing of thoughts. I am definitely in the right field.