Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The sky is my limit

Ladidadida.... I have done something outrageous yet again - I've started a new blog. It's called Childhood Innocence. See the similarities? Hm.. I've decided to try it out since I've sign up for it and also to challenge myself a little - some of the commands and stuff are in Mando so yup, time to pick up the slack in learning the language!

Oh, there are a few features which I find really cool, too. You can change the layout for your blog, your photo album and your intro page. How fun is that! So for each page, I have a diff layout. Muahaha... and I prefer the designs they have. More to my taste. And they have a guestbook! One where you can leave messages and all that and it won't disappear! You can choose to seal your messages, too (if you wanna tell me a secret la that is).. Oh, and I totally love their photo album facility. So easy to use! And they'd automatically resize the pics! Saves heaps of time you know! I mean, Blogger is good, too but Wretch is good in a different manner. Oh, but, *roar* being IT illiterate does have its setbacks. Not to mention Mando illiterate, too... boohoo... =(

Oh, remember BlogCharm? It seems that I still have an account under them but sigh, I've given up on that one. I can't follow the flow of their system at all! So, although they pay me to blog, I pass. I just can't cope with learning to decifer their webpages and all that when I shouldn't even be looking at blogging more than I can at the moment.

It's not officially up yet, though. I'm planning to start my first post tomorrow. June 1, 2006, the birthday of my second blog. Or should I wait till the 2nd instead. Looks nicer, the numbers I mean. 02062006 rather than 01062006. Muahaha, better still, 20062006! The twentieth! Er, but that's a little too long a wait eh? But I think I will wait. =P

There are pictures already though so if you want, you can look at those first. And gawk at how incredibly mixed-up I am with my priorities........ *cry*

Sunday, May 28, 2006

From Jing Jing to Cheng Cheng

We used to laugh and play
out in the sun all day
in the bubbles of the bathtub
to rub off all the excess mud

We used to spend lots of time
in my home which is
actually mum's office as well
running up and down
till she yells

Upstairs, all of you, up you go!
Startling some of the customers
and leaving us with heads hung low

You used to teach me
little and simple things
sweeping the floor
and cleaning dishes became
less of a chore

I still remember you saying
'You use this end like this
to get to the dirt in the edge'
'You mop the floor from one end
to the other to have a smooth surface'

All the jokes
and the singing
oh, the impromptu music and Mandarin lessons
the sound of them still ringing
in my head until today

Dearest cousin
while it's been a while
since we've talked
you are always in my thoughts

Now that it's near
to you special day
I would like to be the first
to wish you Happy Birthday!

[Dedicated to my cousin sister, Meng Cheng, who is currently pursuing her Master education in Monash University down in Melbourne. She is turning 25 tomorrow.]

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hello, apa khabar, I'm still alive, don't worry.

Just to let all of you who either cares for me or are just nosy know that I am still up and about and doing stuff that I am supposed to do, here are little snapshots of what is up with my life since May 6, the day I had that unforgettable dream:

~ I was doing my first third-year prac for three weeks. It ended on Friday last week with big hugs and lovely prezzies from the staff. It was a happy but sad day for me. Happy because it was all over and I could concentrate on doing my lit review and sad because I've grown to enjoy myself there. Met my advisor at Gloria Jeans Epping to finalize her assessment and prac will officially be over on Thursday when we do the prac folder peer evaluation thingy. Oh, just get it over and done with already!!!

~ It was Ta Seng and Edwin's birthday on May 11. I called Edwin to wish him happy birthday and I woke him from his beauty sleep. Ta Seng, on the other hand, we took him to Mac Cen so that I could belanja him dinner but he ended up buying dinner for himself! That fella, just because you're working doesn't mean I cannot buy stuff for you ok?

~ Kenny's birthday was on May 13. Sent him a text message first thing in the morning only to find out a few days later on the MSN that he did not receive it. What is wrong with communications nowadays? At first, my congratulatory card doesn't get to Sook Fong, then my much anticipated autographed CD of Michael's latest album goes missing in the post. The latest incident was mummy not receiving the oh-so-cute Mother's Day card I sent! And now text messages getting lost in cyber space? Outrageous!

~ And there was the conversation I had with Rick, which reminded me of the good old times and which also made me feel like going home. Rick's pursuing a girl! OMG! But, haha, I am obliged as a friend to only let you know that much. If you really want to know more, ask him yourself or see if you can dig anything out of Jeunn Fuh. =P

~ Do not watch MI:3 if you have a headache because it will only make you feel worse. I even felt like puking. The show itself was good, though. I liked the storyline, the whole idea of Ethan settling down and all that, makes it more realistic but then again, can this happen in real life? Haha... that is up to you. And with all that being a linguist. Wow, I mean, they learn so many languages as actors but do they actually understand what they say? Do they learn anything out of it? Or are they like uni students who memorize and then forget everything once it's all spilled out?

~ Ai Ling is now working in a new company. She's happy with the place as she gets to work more humane hours, unlike where she was before. This way, she gets to come out for mamak sessions when I'm home. Her new office is in Shah Alam and ahem, she's single again! Girl ar, don't rush into the next one ok? Enjoy life as it is first. If you're hooked up, how am I supposed to spend quality time gossiping and backstabbing and reminiscing with you? =D

~ Uncle Shiang Foo is shopping for a good school around our area for Darryl. Hopefully, Darryl will get to start Year 10 when he comes. Uncle Shiang and Uncle SF and families will be heading down to Melbourne in 2 days and then on June 1, they will be bunking over at our place for 3 days. That's when I will be interviewing them for my research. Oh, and in the meantime, I'm doing research for them - calling people up asking about selective high schools and all that. Aunty Gek just called and she did mention she would like Darryl to specialize in Biology. Definitely James Ruse if he can. Heck, it's the No. 1 school in NSW!

~ The wisdom tooth opening on the rear right side of my mouth has been bleeding quite a bit recently. Sometimes, it even hurts. Shaun thinks its an infection. I have been gargling my mouth with Oral-B antiseptic mouth wash for 2 weeks now. I even dab salt on it. Oh, what can the matter be? I've spent enough money on consulting doctors already, I'm not prepared to consult a dentist so soon.

~ Yew Huoi is arriving tomorrow! That means another copy of Michael's autographed CD is arriving! Yeay! I will meet Emma early in the morning to talk about my terrible draft and then come home to clean the house. My train to the airport leaves Epping at 2:15pm. Of course I have to go pick them up at the airport. You don't expect them to take the train to Epping all on their own, do you? It's their first time in Sydney leh!

~ I handed in my draft literature review yesterday and I think it was terrible. Have to continue work on that one. Now I have to catch up on readings for lecture later. Later tonight I'll be going back to DLC with Ta Seng to celebrate Kah Wai's birthday. Later tonight meaning 15 minutes before midnight. Sigh...

Oh, but before that, lunch!!!

And Shaun's home liao.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dream on...

Something is seriously wrong with my head. I mean, how do you actually get ONE dream with TWO popular figures in it? To top that off, they were actually my DATES (or were they actually my boyfriends?).

OK, the dream started with us (the girls from choir and myself) hanging out at the SS2 Hawker Centre. And, that place was CLEAN! Imagine that place spick and span!! Then, I get a call from my 'ride' telling me that he's around the corner coming to pick me up. So, I got up from my seat. Since we were sitting right at the entrance, it was pretty easy to see his car driving up. Whoa, he has a damn chun car ok. Some two door sports car from some big name. Was it a Ferrari? Not sure, but it did look like one. It was kinda dark so didn't really get the colour of the car. He opened the door for me and *gasps* it was Chaw Ge!!!! Or Gary to some of you out there. My friends were like: OMG! You know him? He's your mate? When? How? I was in no mood to answer and I guess in a small way, I couldn't explain it either.

So yea, we went to some party somewhere. Supposedly, Daniel Lee, the winner of Malaysian Idol 2 was to be performing. Hm.. it'll be good to finally hear him sing live, I thought. I mean, to me, Nita was more deserving of the title but hey, Daniel wasn't too bad. With no vocal training and all that, he's done well but of course, with better vocals he'd go further. But you cannot deny the fact that he's very cute. He is!!! With that cheeky smile, that dimple, that guy-next-door face, the kind and polite demeanour, no wonder girls of all ages go ga-ga over him. OK, back to the party. I was sort of left to my own devices as Chao Ge went on with his 'pullings of strings' with other musicians and people I do not know. I wandered off and somehow I ended in a music studio.

This was where I met my next 'Prince Charming'. The studio was connected to a fish shop (of all places!) and it was a pretty cool place. Very simple yet stylish interior. Suddenly, someone walked through the door. He greeted me and flashed me a smile that was to die for. Weakly, I responded with a faint smile (how pathetic) and a simple 'Hi'. What bewildered me was what happened after that.

He and I seemed to know each other very well. He took me on a tour of the place. And to my surprise, his dad, who owned the fish shop was there, too. Prince Charming was very intimate with me. I mean, he kept holding my hand, whispering in close proximity, massaging my shoulders and neck and a few times he even kissed me on my neck when he was standing behind me. FUIYOH!!! Imagine Daniel Lee doing that to me man!!! Wa, unthinkable yet dreamable.... OMG!

OK, I'm sounding like I'm really losing my mind liao. I woke up after that. Guess I couldn't handle the pressure of being in the lives of 2 currently very wanted male singers in the Chinese entertainment world.

I added an additional image coz I like how he looks dressed in all black. Kinda 'ying'.

This is the cover of his album - I'm guessing only coz I don't know really.

And I've not even bought their albums yet.