Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The sky is my limit

Ladidadida.... I have done something outrageous yet again - I've started a new blog. It's called Childhood Innocence. See the similarities? Hm.. I've decided to try it out since I've sign up for it and also to challenge myself a little - some of the commands and stuff are in Mando so yup, time to pick up the slack in learning the language!

Oh, there are a few features which I find really cool, too. You can change the layout for your blog, your photo album and your intro page. How fun is that! So for each page, I have a diff layout. Muahaha... and I prefer the designs they have. More to my taste. And they have a guestbook! One where you can leave messages and all that and it won't disappear! You can choose to seal your messages, too (if you wanna tell me a secret la that is).. Oh, and I totally love their photo album facility. So easy to use! And they'd automatically resize the pics! Saves heaps of time you know! I mean, Blogger is good, too but Wretch is good in a different manner. Oh, but, *roar* being IT illiterate does have its setbacks. Not to mention Mando illiterate, too... boohoo... =(

Oh, remember BlogCharm? It seems that I still have an account under them but sigh, I've given up on that one. I can't follow the flow of their system at all! So, although they pay me to blog, I pass. I just can't cope with learning to decifer their webpages and all that when I shouldn't even be looking at blogging more than I can at the moment.

It's not officially up yet, though. I'm planning to start my first post tomorrow. June 1, 2006, the birthday of my second blog. Or should I wait till the 2nd instead. Looks nicer, the numbers I mean. 02062006 rather than 01062006. Muahaha, better still, 20062006! The twentieth! Er, but that's a little too long a wait eh? But I think I will wait. =P

There are pictures already though so if you want, you can look at those first. And gawk at how incredibly mixed-up I am with my priorities........ *cry*

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