Saturday, April 29, 2006

Unexpected stay

Thursday. Shaun was in the city with uni friends. Frantically tried to call him to tell him that something was seriously wrong with me. Have already purged twice and threw up thrice. All within one hour.

Called Ta Seng to ask him if the medical centre at Macquarie was still open. He got panicky. Even wanted to call a cab. Thankfully, he called Daniel instead and he was on his way to Wei Foo's place. Kent was there and they drove over to pick me up.

Registered myself at the counter at around 9pm. I had to wait for about 30 minutes before the triage nurse called my name. Then another 2 hours before Shaun came to the hospital. Ta Seng, Daniel and Kent went home. It was not until 1am that I was called in by the doctor. By then, I had threw up and purged an additional 5 times each. I felt extremely weak. Dizzy.

Doctor took a tube of blood from me. She put me on drips. She kept me there until 4:30am. The cost of all that was a whopping $140. I arrived home at 5am. I vomited another time before taking a warm shower. Went into blissful sleep after that.

Awoken by a text message at 8:30am. Wrote down my cue cards and emailed my presentation to Emma. Shaun sent me to uni at 12pm. I was the second to present and I did a good job. Wore my baju kurung to make up for my pale complexion.

Arrived home at 3:15pm. Ate plain porridge, though not much of it and went straight to sleep.

I never thought I'd have to spend a whole night in the hospital and be put on drips! I only expected that scenario to take place when I am maybe 40 or 50!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

From Shij to Ling

The best Tai Kar Che of all time: Tay Ai Ling!

Ai Ling has been through thick and thin with me. She stood up for me when I was 'bullied' and she played pranks on me to test my personality (and I hated her for that then but love her now!). I shared some of my darkest secrets with her and her house was like my usual stop-over before heading off for tuition. Hm, it was just a place to bum around after school before heading off for volleyball practice or something else in school. She was a great volleyball player, maybe coz her second sis was a KL player. Runs in the family?

Like Rick, Jeunn and Petra, Ai Ling is a very direct person and she's not afraid to show her real personality. Very original person, she is. She would tell you off when she thinks you're being a real a$$ and would tell you that you're really dumb for doing or saying some stuff.

She is one friend whom I feel really secure with. I miss her lots. She's always working, working, working. She needs to as she has bills to pay. But now that she's in a new job which doesn't end at dreadful hours, she says that she'll be seeing more of me when I'm home - so happy!

Ling Che, life has not been the best for you but remember, the best always comes later than everything else. And besides, you'll last far longer in life than most of us will coz you've been through it and seen it all.

Happy birthday!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Questions aplenty

With Josh's recent trip to bustling Sydney from peaceful Adelaide, my mind has been doing some thinking. As much as I do not plan to do such thinking, my mind just switches on by itself.

Why is it so hard to to be normal friends again?
Why is it that when we talk it feels superficial?
Why can't you admit that you are hurting and not perfect, too?
Why must we all pretend to be friends?
Why do first impressions last so long?
Why is it that when I try to make amends, everyone thinks that I'm up to no good?
What is so wrong with admitting my mistakes?
Why is it not right to express my feelings?
Is it not acceptable to put on a sad face when I feel sad and vice versa?
Why do people listen to the middle person but not the first person?
Isn't it more believable to hear of something right from the horse's mouth?
Why is it so hard to shake off bad impressions?
How do you patch things up with your ex's ex?
How do you patch things up with your ex?
How do you do all that and still concentrate on studies?
What must you do to make people believe that the other person was the one who was lying?
Why must life be a masquerade?
Why must life be a race to the end?
Why were we born just to die?
How do people change from one end of the spectrum to the other without realizing it?
Why do we still keep faith in people when there's nothing left to believe in?
Why do people lie and trick others for the benefit of the self?
How can two people just put everything down and start anew?
Why does it take just one second to hurt a person and a lifetime to heal the pain?

No matter what you do to justify your acts, people will have something to say about you, like it or not. I guess that's just human nature. When you can't have something you want, it's of no value. When you get it, you brag about it. Is that all there is to life? Getting something, showing it off and telling others off thinking that your way of achieving goals is the best.

People get what they want not by luck or chance, it's because of hard work. They do not merely show up for that one chance. I somehow still do not believe in luck because nothing in life comes for free. Heck, even if you pray 24/7 to any Upper Spirit, you will not achieve what you have set out to achieve if you just sit on your butt expecting things to happen before your very eyes. Like what my mum always say, "Don't work and see if you have food to eat or not? Don't study and see if you will pass the exam or not? If you don't work hard, how will you know when you are enjoying your life?"

With life being such a long and unexpected journey, the passers-by will be aplenty. Hence, I've resolved to just looking to my bunch of close friends and my family when things go awry for me. I'm tired with playing mind games and being all 'cutesy, feminine, nice" when I can be naturally myself. So what if not everyone likes me? Not everyone has known me long enough to know what I really am like. But then again, sometimes it only takes a break-up to know a person you thought you knew.

As my dearest friend Jon put it, "A bunch of close friends beats one lousy boyfriend anytime". I guess it's time to stop thinking about passers-by or else I'd be totally drained.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter insanity

It's the Easter break now and all hell has broken lose. When I was supposed to be catching up on research, but I went window-shopping and screaming my lungs out at the Royal Easter Show. Not to mention busy catching up with friends and my ex at the Malaysian Sports Carnival.

Too bad I don't have pictures of Shaun and I on the sling shot. Actually, I take that back. Thank goodness I don't have pictures of that coz I look absolutely petrified. Urgh! $30 for the most heart-stopping 30 seconds of my life! That went my Friday.

Saturday was wasted waiting for Shaun to get his new 'hi-tech' toy - his new Nokia which uses the 3 network. He just can't wait until his plan with Optus ends! So now he has a handset which has a 2.0 megapixel camera! Then, the most unexpected of the unexpected happened. Melvin actually accepted our dinner invitation and brought Josh along for steamboat! Had a great time with them - no awkwardness, just good laughs. I miss that part of Josh, the part who doesn't just disses me in front of a whole crowd just coz of our bad history. Then Melvin had to start a bout of ghost stories, which had Erin, and I sleeping in Shaun's room with a lamp on all night!

Then, the day we have all been waiting for - the day Nic plays netball!!! Haha, I must say that was the most happening netball match I've ever attended. We had nicknames such as 'Woman Dominic', 'Wanker Dominic' and 'Miss Dominic' because he played the WD position. Nic was made famous and he has us to thank. Jun Hui had the whole SUAMS gang cheering 'cheerleader' style:

"Gimme a D! [D!], gimme an O! [O!], gimme an M! [M!] etc... What does that say? DOMINIC! Go, Dominic!"

Now, let's leave it to the pics to do the talking.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pet's column

Hey everyone!

As we all know, our dear friend Petra is an English fanatic and loves volunteer work. We need more people like her in the world! OK, now, she's managed to score a place writing for the Sun newspaper. Do check out her monthly column! It's out every first Thursday of the month and do let her know if there's anything you are interested in getting out into the public. She will take everything into consideration and will be very thankful to you for enriching her bank of already rich information.

For your convenience and to spur you on to reading more columns, here is her first column.

Pet, you go, girl!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From Shij to Rick

I think April babies are the most direct bunch of people you can meet. They tell you straight in your face (or over the phone) things that would really hurt deep down inside. Things like, "You know, not everyone in school like the way you behave".... WA!! *Imagine me starting to cry*

Rick and I started from way back. From the time when I was a newbie in Primary 2, he was passing his paintings to me through the window panes whenever he walked pass to go for recess. Of course, that left me baffled and surprisingly, he himself still do not know why he did that. Just being the sweet 'tough' guy that he is. =P

He and Yeow taught me how to play badminton, which I still suck at. I sat with him throughout Primary 5 and we had 'races' to see who was able to hand in work first. Made me write so freaking fast! We were both prefects (believe it or not?!?!) and ah, he was the maths and arts genius.

Then we were in high school. Not sure why but I don't seem to remember the times I spent with him in high school as clearly as the times spent in primary school. So odd. However, I do remember the crushes he had on girls. Quite a few I would say but to save his 'face', I shall not name them. Oh, let's just say he used to sketch their faces when a teacher (usually Mr. Chin) was teaching up ahead. I would turn around and go, "Hor!! Not paying attention!"

I guess having grown up and spent so much time quarelling over everything has made him one of the most precious friends I have. Funny how the most painful prick (most hurtful friend, when loosely translated), turns out to be my confidante - the person I go to when in need, when I want to whine and cry, when I prefer to listen to negatives instead of positives - and occassional driver.

Rick, you cannot imagine how much I owe you for being direct and honest with me, for just trusting your instincts that "Shij is not like that" and for believing in me. Both Jeunn and you are one in a million (hm.. two in a million??)...

Happy 23rd birthday.

Lots of love, Shij.

[Hm, now, should I get you the pink or green T-shirt??]

Monday, April 10, 2006

From Shij to Jeunn

Today, Jeunn turns 23. Would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday and may his wish of graduating this year come true. Actually, Jeunn, I'm pretty sure it will.

Also, I would like to thank you for all the time that you have spent chaffeuring me around KL and being a 'free' taxi of the route Seri Kembangan-Taman Desa. Oh, and of course, for that unforgettable trip to Melaka. All that wear and tear, the toll fees, the petrol, the parking, your lovely treats of McDonald's soft cones, your charming (and sarcastic) sense of humour.

An even bigger thank you for standing up for me and believing in me when things go terribly ugly and wrong. Thank you for being honest coz that's what makes the foundation of all lasting friendships - honesty, loyalty, forgiveness, give-and-take. Love you to bits.

Funny, why weren't we better friends back in high school?

Here's to you, cheers.





Saturday, April 08, 2006


Thank you for the prayers. Paul is out of ICU and is on the road to recovery.

Appreciation also goes out to the people I live with - it's never easy when the monthly 'aunty visits' happen because my hormones literally go haywire and I do lose a lot of blood. It's hard when you have the genes of both your paternal and maternal female members - all have a history of something to do with the vagina, such as cysts and fibroids. And apparently, I will be inheriting the little growths as well. Why can't I have extra synapses in the brain to make me more streetwise or something like that?

Speaking of going out of hand, I somehow decided to spend more time reading 'The Harmony Silk Factory' than anything to do with uni. And I finished it really quickly, as well. Well, not nearly as quickly as 'The Bondmaid' but I never seem to be able to follow any of the rules I've set out for myself. One of them being - read more textbooks, fictions save for weekends. Perhaps I need to threaten myself. Hm.. suggestions?

Moreover, I bought not only 'The HSF', but 3 other books! Will not reveal what books but they are definitely by my favourite authors. One was bought out of interest, though. Not revealing what either. =P

I have been munching on Peanut M&M's non-stop since Wednesday and have not been going for my regular walks and cycles. The loss of blood is causing my stomache to bloat (Shaun thinks it's funny to look like I'm pregnant), my legs to go weak and lethargy to take over of all controls. But I think the chocolate is causing the extra heat in the body so I would need to boil another pot of chrysanthemum tea. Learnt a new trick from mum on how to make it extra yummy so maybe tomorrow is a good day for tea. Cooling me down would be just in time to face prac with a level head. =/

But I think the biggest surprise this month's 'visit' has sprung is my swift decision to continue with my Optus postpaid plan and to upgrade my handset. So now, from a Nokia 6610i, I am the proud owner of a Nokia 7370, which is part of the L'Amour Collection. WHOA! Chrys using a high-tech mobile phone!!! Definitely a first! Oh, but it's not the one that you see in the TV advertisements. I have the one which is Coffee Brown in colour. Shaun thinks the amber one is more feminine, which is true as it has flower motifs and gives a more 'girly' look but hey, who says all girls like stuff like that? So sexist! Talk about gender equality. But yes, it is snazzy. I like the phone. Hell, it comes with matching earphones, leather pouch and sling! So going to treasure this.

And, I went to the Adidas factory outlet store in Lidcombe this afternoon when we failed to fix my old pair of Reebok runners for the 5th time. We've tried super glue, epoxy and what not. In the end, Shaun said, "Don't think we can save this pair of shoes. You've been wearing this pair for 9 years! For heaven's sake, go get a new pair!" $80 poorer, I came home with a pair of Xanthos. Believe it or not, I think it's from an older collection as the Adidas website does not have any record of it. Sorry, can't show you what it looks like. But for those of you who have seen my first pair of white-with-orange-stripes Adidas, which I bought in Midvalley for ~RM300, this pair look similar but with more funky-looking stripes and with more support to the ankles. And it's cheaper than the orange pair!

So yea, out of control mode is scary. Makes me think that I am doing really badly in life as a 22-turning-23-year-old human being. Still, I am totally 100% truthfully not complaining about the oh-so-exciting life that I am living.

ARGH!!! Someone stop the squeeking of my spacebar!!!!!!!!