Saturday, May 19, 2007

I like!

The message this ad spreads is just... inspiring....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This post is especially dedicated to a beloved member of our household here in suburban Epping.

She is a person who is way different from me. She is intelligent, has plenty of discipline and determination.

She has a fiesty persona and has a very contagious cute laugh.

She is hardworking in every aspect: studies, exercise, watching One Tree Hill and making fun of her cousins....

And gosh, her eyelashes can sweep dust off your face if you let her come close enough!

I would say that she's tough on the outside but tender on the inside. A little like her bro.

Okay, main point of this post is to congratulate her on receiving the International Merit Scholarship from the University of Sydney, which is worth AUD5,000! Woohoo!!! All the hard work paid off!

Oh, so looking forward to the buffet, whenever that will be!

Erin, we're so proud of you!!! Love ya!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A little observation of my own:

What's the diff between the following?

1) Walaueh!
2) Wasai!
3) Wakao!
4) Wabiang!

Haha... actually, they all mean the same thing, right? All expressions of surprise, astonishment or disbelief. The diff is in the people who would use the terms.

If you use walaueh, you'd be either Malaysian or Singaporean.
If you use wasai, you'd be Taiwanese.
If you use wakao, you'd be Chinese from Mainland China.
If you use wabiang, erm, actually, I'm still finding out more about this one. I know of only one person who would use this and she's a Hainanese young lady from Kelantan currently working in Singapore. A bit the complicated.

(I can see some people with their brows arched wondering what the hell I do here in Sydney....) Haha!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The weekend

Another weekend passed. Another 6 more weekends before I end this semester in uni, my very last as an undergrad. How time flies.

Another weekend, another trip to the city. It's funny how time makes you change your perception of people and places. A place once thought to be polluted, busy and a waste of money is now 'Grand Central'. Meetings with old faces and new acquaintances, posh restaurants and inviting cafes.

It's not that I used to hate the place. It's just that there was no reason to go to the city. Maybe now I have less time in Sydney, I feel that I would take any chance I have to be there. Having dinner with Melvin also made me realise that you can find a friend in the most unlikely of people. Take him for example. He's an ex-swimmer I got to know from Josh and we hardly spoke. He's always not available and he enjoys travelling alone. But we meet more than the swimmers. How funny is that? Perhaps it's his company that I enjoy, his calm demeanour and seemed level-headedness that belies his years. He listens intently and his words are precious. Maybe sometimes we need to take time-out from the people we normally hang out with.

Another weekend, another movie. If you have not watched Spiderman 3 and you have already seen the first two, please go watch it. It will not be a waste of your money, in RM or in AUD. Really. It was my first experience in a double-storey cinema and the screen looked huge! I thought the sound system was great but Shaun felt that GSC has better ones. Oh well.

Spidey thinks that "with great power comes great responsibilities" and I agree. I guess it can be taken as both a good thing and a bad thing. Good as in you have the power to make change in the world. And bad, well, not everyone knows how to handle power, you know. It can sometimes overtake you instead.

Another weekend, another book-buying spree. I bought three books at Big W, as there was a sale. All three for less than AUD50. Not bad, don't you think? I didn't buy novels this time. I bought hardcover coffee table books. Haha.. if you get what I mean by that. Humanity: The Complete M.I.L.K. Collection is a collection of photographs from around the world of people. Of children. The other two books; The Words and Inspiration of Desmond Tutu; and Mahatma Gandhi. I think I will enjoy reading those.

Weekends are good. They make me stop and ponder on the week that was. They make me think of the week that will be. They make life stop for a while, allowing me to smell the crispness of the air, to feel the wind that caresses my face and to smile at the antiques of two rainbow birds lovingly stroking each other on my balcony.

Weekends make me think about life. And life is good. As William Blake says - life DELIGHTS in life.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Wesak Day


wishes and
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