Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This post is especially dedicated to a beloved member of our household here in suburban Epping.

She is a person who is way different from me. She is intelligent, has plenty of discipline and determination.

She has a fiesty persona and has a very contagious cute laugh.

She is hardworking in every aspect: studies, exercise, watching One Tree Hill and making fun of her cousins....

And gosh, her eyelashes can sweep dust off your face if you let her come close enough!

I would say that she's tough on the outside but tender on the inside. A little like her bro.

Okay, main point of this post is to congratulate her on receiving the International Merit Scholarship from the University of Sydney, which is worth AUD5,000! Woohoo!!! All the hard work paid off!

Oh, so looking forward to the buffet, whenever that will be!

Erin, we're so proud of you!!! Love ya!!!

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Chewy said...

Just saw this post half filled with lies. Haha...firstly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. SO touching and sweet of you.

Secondly, i'm not way diff from you. You're intelligent and determined too. And you're more hardworking than me when it comes to watching TV series. Haha...

Oh, more like an annoying loud laugh that annoys the neighbours than anything else. Anyway, thanks for being so nice. =)

Buffet soon...better lose weight first just to gain it all back again.