Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy wedding, Guek Ming and Hwee Lee!

Dressed in a pink top, white skirt and matching white shoes, I joined in the fun of 'bringing the bride home' early in the morning on this last day of June. I hardly had any sleep the night before, so it was slightly unnerving to be the designated driver for one of the photographers.

You finally get to marry your high school sweetheart, my dear friend! Congratulations! All those ups and downs were well worth your effort, right?

Now, when will we expect little ones? And I wonder who in our Desa group will be the next one to hand out an invitation? Hm...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Common Childhood Illnesses - Fever

by Dr. Dan Giap Liang

Fever is a symptom and sign. It is not a diagnosis or an illness. It usually means that the child has caught an infection. Most childhood infections are viral in origin. it is important to differentiate between these two because a bacterial infection usually requires an antibiotic. Generally, the younger and sicker the child, the likelier it is bacterial in nature. Sometimes, there are other causes of fever but usually the duration is prolonged and it is more sinister and will need extensive investigations.

There are two commonly used fever medications. One is paracetamol, that has been long used and is very familiar among most parents. It is available in syrup, suppository and tablet form. It is to be used only if there is significant fever. However, lately, there have been some studies that seem to suggest excessive use may be linked with allergies. This once again highlights the fact that it is to be used only when the child has fever and it is not to be given on a regular dosing schedule. Furthermore, one has to be aware of liver toxicity due to overdosage of paracetamol.

The other fever medication, Brufen, is newer compared to paracetamol. It is relatively safe, too, and very effective. However, it too has its adverse side effects and once again, its use needs to be monitored closely by parents. Never use aspirin in children. Parents must be cautious when using traditional medications because some may contain aspirin.


Sponging the child may be comforting but never use cold water or ice. Shivering due to the cold application may raise the fever further. Tap water should suffice. Infants with fever should not be over-dressed or swaddled, as this may likewise worsen the fever. Light cotton clothing is advisable.

If the child's fever worsens and persists beyond a few days or if the child's general condition deteriorates, it is advisable to seek medical attention. Generally, infants less than six months presenting with fever should be seen by a doctor.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy wedding, Alan and Lian Shien!

Two of my Taylorian friends finally tied the knot today. I say finally because they go way back to well, college days.

If I remember correctly, they were Chemistry classmates. Or was it Algebra? Sheesh, my memory not serving me very well now.

But when they finally became a pair, I remember feeling really happy for them. And then they went to Melbourne together for uni - one in Monash Uni, one in Melbourne Uni. Both super smart individuals.

When I saw the post on Facebook which Mr. Lee shared regarding his successful proposal on the Eiffel Tower, I was nearly in tears.

Dearest Alan and Lian Shien, heartiest congratulations and every best!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Country Farm Organics, Bangsar Shopping Village

Unlike past years, we decided to do our shopping for the staff Loyalty Award in Bangsar. Out of the three of us, Dad was the most familiar with the place, so we just followed his lead. He chose to park at Bangsar Village and then just randomly walked around in search of food.

Mum was glad to find an organic shop that not only sold food items but also had a bar and restaurant attached.

We enjoyed the ambience, the service and the food served. Shame not all their outlets allow in-house dining.

Haha, yes, I was as amazed as you are to find out that this was organic, too!

Country Farm Organics
LG7 Lower Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 2284 2094