Sunday, November 29, 2009

A November to remember

Plenty of happenings at school - Children's Day and the biggest event on our calendar, the Concert and Graduation, which was last night. I had a ball of a time and judging from the response of the parents, it looked and sounded like they enjoyed themselves, too. The children put up a great show this year and I am so proud of them!

Global warming seems to have made itself comfortable in recent months and more so during the eleventh month of the year. While it is blistering hot in the morning, it would be dogs and cats at noon and sunny again at 4pm. It's a wonder how the children at our centre are still well and healthy, not to mention us teachers, too.

Well, I'm down with yet another bout of cough and flu - a real bad one this time.

Weather is just one of the few things that made this month special. There were more reason, one of which was the little reunion with Mei Ann.

It was great to see her all lady-like and grown-up. I say grown-up because I felt like I was sort of stuck in the era of polo t-shirts and mini jeans skirts. It was great to hear that she did not bring her angmoh accent back to KL (I really dislike how some people feel that having spent 5 years abroad means needing to sound like they grew up there). With two years to go, we can officially call her Dr Choong!

I love reunions, no matter how often or rare they happen, with whoever. I love them because I get to reconnect with the people who has had a big share in helping to shape the person I am today. Friends, when you think about it, who can live without them despite all their imperfections?

Also, this month was when I found a new friend and fashion consultant in a young Penangite chap.

Introduced by a friend I made over half a year ago (who unlike him, is totally hopeless when shopping is concerned), he is a delight to be with. Maybe it is because of his 'younger' taste and happy-go-lucky nature. Or perhaps it is how both of us enjoy jabbering so much. But it is definitely due to how he gives his share on the clothes I choose to buy. For someone who did not finish high school, he is well-versed on a variety of other topics - take my hat off to him.

Of course, November is special because I was born on its 19th day.

With wishes from near and far, it was one day my phone would not stop vibrating. I celebrated my 26th year in existence over a meal at Sushi Zanmai with 3 crazy women. I also marked the occasion by collecting the album of photos from the studio.

November, ah... if only every month was a November month...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raindrops, rain storms

Pitter patter pitter pat
See the raindrops come
Falling one by one
How many raindrops make a stop?
One little raindrop?
No, no, no
Two little raindrops?
No, no, no
Three little raindrops?
No, no, no
Millions of raindrops make a stop!
Millions of raindrops make a stop!
Pitter patter pitter pat
See the raindrops come
Falling one by one

Well, it was more than pitter patter on Thursday afternoon. I would call it torrential rain. The children loved watching the plants outside the window bow down in command of the fierce wind. The teachers, on the other hand, miserably wailed as the wetness prevented them from making their way over to the other side to clock out. I, was absorbing the atmosphere to my heart's content.

We thought we saw a tornado at one point. Sheesh, scary.

For some reason, I was not worried about my internet connection. I did not bother turning the modem off. Neither was I bothered turning the computer off (the CCTV adapters are easily affected by lightning). I just continued doing what I was doing.

One of the many tasks I was carrying out at the time was talk on MSN with a dear friend who is in Sydney. He is one whom I would describe as sweet, caring, responsible, funny, lame at times, and serious when he needs to be. Okay, so, I put my MSN PM as "It is raining VERY HEAVILY" and this was his first message:

Raining heavily is good. Similar to here, where you are showered much love and care. The heavier the rain, the more the raindrops that shows how much I miss you...


Wah, where the hell did you learn to talk like that?!?!?!?!?!?

Sweet talk or not, like the smell and sound of the rainstorm outside my window, it brings a sense of warmth.

Pitter patter pitter pat....