Friday, July 18, 2014

Chanoma Cafe

This has got to be the cafe with the most matcha (fine powder green tea) dishes on their menu and since trying them for the first time, they have become my must go dessert place every time I meet friends for dinner in the city. Let me inform you again - matcha overdose ahead...

Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert traditionally served with matcha at Japanese tea ceremonies. Their Matcha Anmitsu ($6.50) came in an adorable bowl with one scoop of azuki mash, matcha soft serve and a skewer of trio of glutinous rice balls. Impressed.

I was a little surprised with their Hot Matcha ($4.90), as I did not expect it to come in such a small tea cup served on a tray. On the side, there was a little chewy bit of what we thought was yam and sweet potato - but we could be dead wrong, so if anyone knows, please enlighten us. This was a strong dose of matcha in a tiny cup so please do not consume this in the evening if you are one who is unable to sleep with caffeine in your system - I was wide awake that night.

The frappe version of the above is the Matcha Frappe ($4.80). Of course, the content of caffeine in this is less than the hot version.

The main attraction (for me anyways) is the Oreo Matcha Frappe ($6.20). This has got to be my favourite item on their menu, as I never fail to order this each time I visit them. The combination of Oreo and green tea flavour is just pure genius and blended into a frappe, it is crunchy dessertgasm.

If you enjoy matcha, you would enjoy this place.

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Chanoma Cafe
Shop 1, 501 George Street, NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9767 5465; E-mail:
Daily 11:00am to 10:00pm