Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Of fireflies and prawn crackers

I think the title is obvious enough. Yes, we went to Kuala Selangor to catch a glimpse colony of fireflies. As Hannah has never seen fireflies before, I thought it would be a memorable experience for her. Thus, Saturday evening was drafted as 'Firefly Night'.

Interestingly, Mum and Dad have never seen fireflies either! I'm the only one in the family who has. I felt so proud. Haha.. I still remember the time Dor, Weng, Lee Sih and I went on the same sampan to see the fireflies. Weng even had the guts to illegally capture one or two of those poor creatures to marvel at them. Needless to say, they didn't survive the bus trip back to our chalets, as they can only live on a specific type of mangrove tree. Unforgettable sight, I tell you! It was as if the riverbank had an endless supply of Christmas lights! We later found out from our boat rower that the fireflies live on those trees on a 20km stretch! Amazing!

And everyone must buy the prawn crakers sold in Kuala Selangor. Buy lots of them, keep them and fry them for Chinese New Year. You will absolutely get addicted to them. The crunchiness, the crispness, the aroma..... ah..... I will so miss all of that when I return to Sydney. I will leave Melaka to the next entry. And my not-so-fun outing with a few friends. =/ Oyasuminasai.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Good to be home

It feels so good to be home! Although we spent more time than expected at the airport, it was good to be finally back on Malaysian soil and breathing polluted Malaysian air. It was good to eat roti canai with dahl and sambal, drink teh tarik kurang manis and talk without an accent.

I was lucky to be able to use my last Hotlink number. I don't know what it is so if you didn't receive my message, that means I don't have your number thus preventing me from informing you of my number. If you can't get me on the hp, get me at home. Or contact my bro if you really need to.

I am so looking forward to the mamak sessions that I will have with ALL of you!!! Can't wait to show off my new hairstyle! Haha, I'm not saying that to literally show off but just to show you that it's different. Oh, and yes, I am slightly on the f-a-t side now. A teacher at my mum's greeted me with a 'Hello Si Gemuk!' Pling plang! My self-image was shattered. Haha... but it was funny though.

Have loads of stories to tell but I'm going to save them to myself for now. I'm too tired to recall things at the moment. Maybe in a day or two when I'm tuned back to the weather and air. Till then, slowly wait la!

Monday, November 21, 2005

What a day!

Ah, I can finally say that I am on holidays! I finally finished that last essay. I barely made the cut for 1800 words. I think it is by far the shortest assignment I have ever written. But as Cathrine said, it's in now so think of other things, other better things such as GOING HOME!

Speaking of going home, it's already this late at night and I have yet to start packing. =/ No good no good. Can't help it la, I feel really tired. Had a sort of full on day. Did my assignment, handed it in, collected another one (which I did really well in), met up with Jennie to have lunch and did some souvenir shopping and grocery-shopping, came home and then went out for dinner again with my grandaunt. Just had to come back to watch Grey's Anatomy. How can I miss that?? It's the last episode!

So yea, what a day. *Yawn* Need to text my bro now to wish him happy birthday. He's 21 today.

And I need to start packing. See you in KL!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Ok, I told Auds that I will thank everyone personally so here goes...

Audrey: Thank you for the card and the call all the way from Melbourne. So nice to hear your voice. Sounds much sweeter over the phone. Not that it's not nice face-to-face but aiya, you understand right?

Family in Melbourne, bro, Rick, Lee Sih, VK, Rou and Tom: Thank you for all the SMSes and Rick, my birthday was yesterday, not today. Haha... you are forgiven.

Petrina, Jason, Guo Fen and Justin Oei: The e-cards you guys sent were adorable. And Justin, I so love you man. The animation was so cute! Even Shaun and Audrey agree. Thank you so much!

Chare, Sim Yee, Yew Huoi, Chin Liang, Ming Fei, Boon Hooi, Sharmini, Terence and Yun Hau: Thank goodness for Friendster. It brought us back together and it made us stay in touch. Thank you for all the wishes and sweet testimonials. Miss you heaps too Yun Hau. Will be going to MidValley to look for you pretty soon.

Mong, Alan and Wan Phing: Don't you just love the MSN? Alan, remember you said you're buying me something?? Nyahaha.....

Justin Lim, Xin Wen, Daniel, Nan, Ta Seng: Thank you for attending the dinner. Had lots of fun didn't we?

Jennie and Hannah: Thank you for the cards. And Jennie, your choice of cake, first-class.

Miow and Nic: Having friends like both of you is more than I can ask for. Life in Sydney would really be less KL-like if not for you guys. Thank you for the handbag.

Shaun: Thank you for the new purse. Love you for being there for me and celebrating yet another birthday with me. Muaks!

Last but not least, my parents who called to wish me and asked me how I went in the exam. Mum even asked me to treat everyone to dinner. Yes, mum has always been generous. Love them to death!

Now, if you'd excuse me, I am going back to my freakingly annoying essay. Oh, and I have to call mum to wish her happy birthday, too. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birthday dinner

Today was the day I was released to the world.
Today is the day I release my thoughts and humble experiences to the world.

Ok, ok, that so does not sound like me. I'm not so poetic and even if I tried to be, I would fail miserably.

So, I have finally given in the peer pressure (Auds, you'd better make sure you visit this blog every single day!). Well, can't really put all the blame on her as I have wanted to realize my desire of putting my thoughts down on paper. Well, I used to write in a journal but that was for English back in CPU. But hm, seems that blogging is more fun. For me, it's a space-saver and it's environmentally-friendly - no need to fall more trees to make more books!

Alright, as many of you know, it's my birthday today. Had a dinner last night as I couldn't wait to celebrate as I finished exams yesterday!! MERDEKA! Yes, Shaun, sorry to make you feel so left out. But hey, Xin Wen, Justin, Daniel and Ta Seng still have exams, too. So you are not the only odd one out! At least we enjoyed ourselves at Borelli's. Dinner was scrumptious (and costly!) but it was worth it. I had the chef's recommendation of the day: perch fillet in er, some lemon sauce.

And my prezzies! Shaun bought me a new purse, Nic and Miow bought a handbag from Esprit and both of them are pink! I think pink is my theme colour this year. Last year was blue. Ta Seng, Nan and Daniel bought me a bottle of funny-tasting champagne and a white chocolate cake from Michele's Pattisserie. Xin Wen and Justin bought me my favourite drink - Moscato! Audrey's card was the first to arrive - a doggie card. Hannah gave me a kitty card after exams and Jennie and the gang gave me a self-made elephant card. Haha..... animals galore!

Thank you everyone for the wishes and prezzies! Love you guys!

P/S: For more pics of who attended the dinner, please look up my Friendster account.