Sunday, November 20, 2005


Ok, I told Auds that I will thank everyone personally so here goes...

Audrey: Thank you for the card and the call all the way from Melbourne. So nice to hear your voice. Sounds much sweeter over the phone. Not that it's not nice face-to-face but aiya, you understand right?

Family in Melbourne, bro, Rick, Lee Sih, VK, Rou and Tom: Thank you for all the SMSes and Rick, my birthday was yesterday, not today. Haha... you are forgiven.

Petrina, Jason, Guo Fen and Justin Oei: The e-cards you guys sent were adorable. And Justin, I so love you man. The animation was so cute! Even Shaun and Audrey agree. Thank you so much!

Chare, Sim Yee, Yew Huoi, Chin Liang, Ming Fei, Boon Hooi, Sharmini, Terence and Yun Hau: Thank goodness for Friendster. It brought us back together and it made us stay in touch. Thank you for all the wishes and sweet testimonials. Miss you heaps too Yun Hau. Will be going to MidValley to look for you pretty soon.

Mong, Alan and Wan Phing: Don't you just love the MSN? Alan, remember you said you're buying me something?? Nyahaha.....

Justin Lim, Xin Wen, Daniel, Nan, Ta Seng: Thank you for attending the dinner. Had lots of fun didn't we?

Jennie and Hannah: Thank you for the cards. And Jennie, your choice of cake, first-class.

Miow and Nic: Having friends like both of you is more than I can ask for. Life in Sydney would really be less KL-like if not for you guys. Thank you for the handbag.

Shaun: Thank you for the new purse. Love you for being there for me and celebrating yet another birthday with me. Muaks!

Last but not least, my parents who called to wish me and asked me how I went in the exam. Mum even asked me to treat everyone to dinner. Yes, mum has always been generous. Love them to death!

Now, if you'd excuse me, I am going back to my freakingly annoying essay. Oh, and I have to call mum to wish her happy birthday, too. =)

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