Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birthday dinner

Today was the day I was released to the world.
Today is the day I release my thoughts and humble experiences to the world.

Ok, ok, that so does not sound like me. I'm not so poetic and even if I tried to be, I would fail miserably.

So, I have finally given in the peer pressure (Auds, you'd better make sure you visit this blog every single day!). Well, can't really put all the blame on her as I have wanted to realize my desire of putting my thoughts down on paper. Well, I used to write in a journal but that was for English back in CPU. But hm, seems that blogging is more fun. For me, it's a space-saver and it's environmentally-friendly - no need to fall more trees to make more books!

Alright, as many of you know, it's my birthday today. Had a dinner last night as I couldn't wait to celebrate as I finished exams yesterday!! MERDEKA! Yes, Shaun, sorry to make you feel so left out. But hey, Xin Wen, Justin, Daniel and Ta Seng still have exams, too. So you are not the only odd one out! At least we enjoyed ourselves at Borelli's. Dinner was scrumptious (and costly!) but it was worth it. I had the chef's recommendation of the day: perch fillet in er, some lemon sauce.

And my prezzies! Shaun bought me a new purse, Nic and Miow bought a handbag from Esprit and both of them are pink! I think pink is my theme colour this year. Last year was blue. Ta Seng, Nan and Daniel bought me a bottle of funny-tasting champagne and a white chocolate cake from Michele's Pattisserie. Xin Wen and Justin bought me my favourite drink - Moscato! Audrey's card was the first to arrive - a doggie card. Hannah gave me a kitty card after exams and Jennie and the gang gave me a self-made elephant card. Haha..... animals galore!

Thank you everyone for the wishes and prezzies! Love you guys!

P/S: For more pics of who attended the dinner, please look up my Friendster account.


ralf_vk said...

You look fantastic in the pic....
and the food also seems very delicious...haha
Anyway. Hope to see u soon!
|v| u A k s ~

Chrys said...

Thank you and yes, it was delicious. Yes, yes, will definitely be seeing you soon. =)