Thursday, November 24, 2005

Good to be home

It feels so good to be home! Although we spent more time than expected at the airport, it was good to be finally back on Malaysian soil and breathing polluted Malaysian air. It was good to eat roti canai with dahl and sambal, drink teh tarik kurang manis and talk without an accent.

I was lucky to be able to use my last Hotlink number. I don't know what it is so if you didn't receive my message, that means I don't have your number thus preventing me from informing you of my number. If you can't get me on the hp, get me at home. Or contact my bro if you really need to.

I am so looking forward to the mamak sessions that I will have with ALL of you!!! Can't wait to show off my new hairstyle! Haha, I'm not saying that to literally show off but just to show you that it's different. Oh, and yes, I am slightly on the f-a-t side now. A teacher at my mum's greeted me with a 'Hello Si Gemuk!' Pling plang! My self-image was shattered. Haha... but it was funny though.

Have loads of stories to tell but I'm going to save them to myself for now. I'm too tired to recall things at the moment. Maybe in a day or two when I'm tuned back to the weather and air. Till then, slowly wait la!

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