About Us

Well, looks like someone finds me, or rather, my blog interesting enough...

Hello there and thank you for wanting to know more about us (my blog and I). My name is Shi Jing but some of my friends know me as Chrys. It is not hard to tell how I strung the address together...

A warm welcome to Sydneysiding KLite! When I started this blog, this was where I tried my best to record my life Down Under (and beyond) for the convenience of my family and friends back in Malaysia and other parts of the world. When I say my life, I mean both the parts which are visible and invisible. I was a KLite living in Sydney who enjoys exploring places of all sorts, especially places with good food and beautiful scenery. With enough cash and time, I looked for friends to go on roadtrips to widen my world perspective and to go on makan (eating) expeditions to expand my gastronomic vocabulary. More recently, I have moved back to Malaysia and have been up to many other things and visited other countries with family and friends.

Verbal and photographic accounts here are all personal notes to myself, as reminders of what a wonderful journey I have had in life. Therefore, when you read through this blog, I hope you are able to enjoy the ride, as well!

Oh, and if you would like to use some photographs or phrases (which mostly I have come up on my own - unless otherwise stated - so I have intellectual property rights, ahem...), please drop me a polite line at


Thank you!