Friday, February 26, 2010

And again

Some of you may remember how I broke my record of never being admitted into hospital. Well, I wasn't admitted this time but it happened to me again. The vertigo, I mean.

Similar to the last time it happened, I was asleep. I was woken up by a strange feeling and when I opened my eyes, my vision was jumping, something like how your computer screen doesn't want to work properly. I turned. Same thing. Feeling nauseous, I headed for the toilet to vomit.

Okay, I needed my phone. Called Miow. I think I drained his battery because after the first call, the phone was off. Okay, Edi. No answer. Auds. No answer also. I mean, who would answer at this hour? It's freaking 4:30 in the morning!

Alright, don't panic. Took the meds that Dr. How gave me the last time. Hm... let's see if I could lie back down again, or maybe lean against the wall to see if I'll be able to doze off into slumberland again. Bad choice - I was spinning around again.

Called Edi again...... no answer. Auds, no answer. Again, Edi then Auds, who finally picked it up. She tried calling Michael, who switched his phone off. I called Nic and thank God he answered on the first try.

Honestly, Nic, thank you for bringing me to RPAH and for spending the 3 hours waiting there.

Now, I have an extra box of drugs to pop into my system.......

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It goes very well with that sign we see in many tourist and gift shops - once broken, considered sold.

With some people, it develops with time. However, with some people, it comes naturally.

I feel that it is natural for people to trust other people. We are, human, after all. And we are a collectivistic society. Mostly. So, we trust easily or would want to trust others without being judgemental. And when we trust, we do so whole-heartedly. Ideally, that trust is reciprocated and thus, a genuine relationship is born.

But when do we not trust? When trust is broken, everything starts afresh. It is like filling up a jug with water and then breaking the jug. You would need to get a new jug and fill it up again.

I guess whether to trust or not to trust varies greatly for every individual. When I choose to trust, you may not. And a person you choose to trust, I may not. Our reasons, will vary as well.

Trust is at the very fundamentals of all relationships, both on the personal and business levels. The trust will help instigate other values like appreciation and more importantly, respect. And, they all work hand-in-hand with each other. It is a symbiotic relationship between trust, appreciation and respect.

When a balance is struck, especially between two people, there is harmony and acceptance.

So now, I have to ask myself: Can I respect what we have and appreciate the things that have happened? Can I accept it all? Do I want to trust?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The waiting game

Having realised that my friend was waiting for me to go for lunch, I quickly ended the conversation on MSN. I was feeling hungry, too, anyway.

It was an interesting lunch cum afternoon walk date. What was supposed to be an innocent lunch date became a short discovery walk through parts of Sydney. The walk brought us two babes from Darling Harbour, to Harbourside, to Star City, to the Fish Market and back to Darling Harbour and Market City. From there, it was onwards to World Square, then to UTS, and to Central and back to World Square. Yes, all on foot.

By the time I got home, my feet were sore, thanks to shoes not made for such walking.

The walk with my friend brought up many stories. Stories of us both. Although we stem from different backgrounds, there are similarities between the two and one similarity that stood out was the issue of time.

Time. Time is a commodity most people on Earth have a hard time grasping. She thinks that people unknowingly wait for time to pass.

Why do people wait? Is waiting normally a choice or a compulsory part of existence?

When we were little, we waited for time to pass so that we could be grown-ups. Now that we have grown up, we wait for the perfect job to land in our laps. When that job has landed, we wait for more procedures and promotions. We wait for people to notice our hard work and for praises and acknowledgement. We wait.

When we were studying, we were servants of time, following the class timetable to the dot. We waited for each period to go by so that we could rush out of the school compound when the bell rang. We waited for the school holidays to arrive and eagerly anticipated any school trips or weekend getaways with friends. We waited for the day we graduate so that we could dye our hair in some outrageous colour for friends to recognise us from miles away. We waited.

When you meet someone whom you could connect with, you put in the effort to make the best impression possible and wait. Wait for a response of some sort from that person. Wait for that person to reciprocate your feelings. Wait for text messages that contain sweet nothings. Wait for phone calls that make you sleep-deprived the next day. Wait for presents on special occasions. Look forward to dates so you could hold each other close and embrace. Wait for the right time to say the right words. We wait.

But what if we choose not to wait? What if we do not get people to notice our hard work? And even if we manage to get people to notice our hard work, do we wait for the acknowledgement, that fatter paycheck? What if we do not meet that someone? Even if we manage to meet that someone, do we wait if that person wants us to wait?

To me, waiting is a choice. We lament when we are made to wait and say, "No choice, I have to wait" but do we really need to? When I wait, I think it is due to my own ill-judgements in time management and life choices. So yes, it is a choice to wait and it is our own responsibility when we are made to wait.

Like I once told a close friend, "If you wait, you'd be waiting forever. So why wait?"

Time may heal but time waits for no one. So instead of stopping to watch the tide, why not go with the flow?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting the new year...

On a sunny, breezy Tuesday evening, a young lady received a call from her friend who had just got off work. They were ecstatic to finally spend some time together after nearly half a year of not meeting up. Her friend came up to her apartment for a short chat and to have some water. They then decided to head out for their dinner.

While waiting for the lift, the young lady noticed that the door to her apartment won't close and decided to check. Unknown to her, the lock was locked on the inside. When the door slammed shut, she tried to turn the knob and found that, she could not open the door. She tried all the keys that she had. None of them worked.

She made an emergency overseas call on her mobile to her friend, who is the actual tenant of the unit. She managed to get her agent's contact and tried to work things out directly with the agent. As the agent could only arrive 2 hours later, the young lady and her friend went for their dinner at an Indonesian restaurant and after that, an evening walk.

When the agent arrived with another key, the young lady thought that the sky had cleared. However, to everyone's dismay, that key did not turn the knob, either. Heartbroken, the young lady made her way down to the lobby where numbers to locksmiths were made available on the notice board.

First number... could not connect. Second number... could not connect either. Okay, so she tried the third number, which was a 1300 number. Nope, no connection. Thinking that her mobile had no reception, she checked her phone to find that she had full signal. Could it be out of credit? No, normally there would be a verbal message informing you of your low credit. Okay, call the phone company to check the account balance... could not connect... what?

The young lady had no choice but to use her friend's mobile. They managed to get a locksmith who could make it in 30 minutes. Okay, no worries. So they sat at the stairs facing the entrance, to wait.

While waiting, the young lady checked her mobile again. Why couldn't it make outgoing calls? What about incoming? Her friend tried by calling. Yup, phone rang so should be no problems with the network. Let's turn the phone off and back on again. Right, nothing. Before this it decided to not show anything on the memory card and now this!??!?! Try again, off and on again. Same thing. Maybe it's the SIM card, not the phone? They swapped SIM cards and found out that it was the SIM card that was faulty.

When she put her own SIM card back into her own phone again, she thought she should try texting to see if it worked. She sent one message to a friend and miraculously, he replied! Wow! Okay, let's try calling again... finally, it made the call!

It was such a relief when the locksmith arrived! His advice was:

1) Get a key for the lock.
2) Change the lock to a new and better one.

He made the young lady fill up a form to prove that he wasn't liaising with her to break into the unit. He was also nice enough to write her a tax invoice to see if she would be able to get the agent to reimburse her as it really wasn't her fault for not having the key to that lock.

So now, that young lady is AUD150 poorer and believes even more that this new year of the tiger is not going to be a good one for her.

And that young lady was me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010





所有 Seri Kembangan,
Kuala Lumpur,
Petaling Jaya,
Shah Alam,
Johor Bahru,
Sungai Petani,
Alor Star,
Kota Bahru,
Hong Kong,
还有 New York 的亲戚朋友们,

Honey Bee 的伙伴, 家长和宝贝们,




Friday, February 12, 2010