Saturday, April 08, 2006


Thank you for the prayers. Paul is out of ICU and is on the road to recovery.

Appreciation also goes out to the people I live with - it's never easy when the monthly 'aunty visits' happen because my hormones literally go haywire and I do lose a lot of blood. It's hard when you have the genes of both your paternal and maternal female members - all have a history of something to do with the vagina, such as cysts and fibroids. And apparently, I will be inheriting the little growths as well. Why can't I have extra synapses in the brain to make me more streetwise or something like that?

Speaking of going out of hand, I somehow decided to spend more time reading 'The Harmony Silk Factory' than anything to do with uni. And I finished it really quickly, as well. Well, not nearly as quickly as 'The Bondmaid' but I never seem to be able to follow any of the rules I've set out for myself. One of them being - read more textbooks, fictions save for weekends. Perhaps I need to threaten myself. Hm.. suggestions?

Moreover, I bought not only 'The HSF', but 3 other books! Will not reveal what books but they are definitely by my favourite authors. One was bought out of interest, though. Not revealing what either. =P

I have been munching on Peanut M&M's non-stop since Wednesday and have not been going for my regular walks and cycles. The loss of blood is causing my stomache to bloat (Shaun thinks it's funny to look like I'm pregnant), my legs to go weak and lethargy to take over of all controls. But I think the chocolate is causing the extra heat in the body so I would need to boil another pot of chrysanthemum tea. Learnt a new trick from mum on how to make it extra yummy so maybe tomorrow is a good day for tea. Cooling me down would be just in time to face prac with a level head. =/

But I think the biggest surprise this month's 'visit' has sprung is my swift decision to continue with my Optus postpaid plan and to upgrade my handset. So now, from a Nokia 6610i, I am the proud owner of a Nokia 7370, which is part of the L'Amour Collection. WHOA! Chrys using a high-tech mobile phone!!! Definitely a first! Oh, but it's not the one that you see in the TV advertisements. I have the one which is Coffee Brown in colour. Shaun thinks the amber one is more feminine, which is true as it has flower motifs and gives a more 'girly' look but hey, who says all girls like stuff like that? So sexist! Talk about gender equality. But yes, it is snazzy. I like the phone. Hell, it comes with matching earphones, leather pouch and sling! So going to treasure this.

And, I went to the Adidas factory outlet store in Lidcombe this afternoon when we failed to fix my old pair of Reebok runners for the 5th time. We've tried super glue, epoxy and what not. In the end, Shaun said, "Don't think we can save this pair of shoes. You've been wearing this pair for 9 years! For heaven's sake, go get a new pair!" $80 poorer, I came home with a pair of Xanthos. Believe it or not, I think it's from an older collection as the Adidas website does not have any record of it. Sorry, can't show you what it looks like. But for those of you who have seen my first pair of white-with-orange-stripes Adidas, which I bought in Midvalley for ~RM300, this pair look similar but with more funky-looking stripes and with more support to the ankles. And it's cheaper than the orange pair!

So yea, out of control mode is scary. Makes me think that I am doing really badly in life as a 22-turning-23-year-old human being. Still, I am totally 100% truthfully not complaining about the oh-so-exciting life that I am living.

ARGH!!! Someone stop the squeeking of my spacebar!!!!!!!!

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