Friday, March 31, 2006

Paul's news

OK people, just got IMed by my cousin Woon Bing. Please head to this blog for updates on Paul's condition. I'm just so glad that he is on the road to recovery. So, so glad, really. I think I nearly cried when my other cousin, Pei Shin, sent me a text message saying that he could move his fingers and had some facial expression. I know I did jump for joy.

So yes, please keep the prayers coming. And no, I have no preference in religion. I don't care if you are freaking non-religious, Buddhist of any denomination, Christian of any denomination, Muslim, Taoist, Hindu, Ba'hainese or a mixture of everything. Just pray for Paul, please. Even if you don't pray, just think of good thoughts and believe me, the aura of good thoughts do travel far.

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