Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SMKDP Class of 2000 Reunion 2006

Date: February 10, 2006
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Newly-opened section of Sri Neela's mamak (they should pay me commission for giving them so much business)

[Very long overdue. Apologies, apologies..]

Su'Ann Wong Yinn-Venn. The last time we met was at Denise's birthday party some 8 or 9 years ago. Having graduated from the University of Auckland, she is now back in KL working in Damansara in a job that is something like a job-hunter's, just that she receives CVs and forwards them to prospective employers.

Girl in white is Natalia Yee Yen Lin, most popular girl in school history who is currently doing her Honours in Psychology down in Otago, NZ. Lim Sim Yee, her faithful sidekick is now working at Tropicana Golf and Country Club. Give her a call and she'll bring you in for some scrumptious food. Fella behind us is cheeky Foong Chee Kit. No idea what he's doing now actually but he's still with the same girl from milleniums ago. Happy for him!

The twins, Adelle and Adelyn Lim. Please guess for yourself who is who...

This is Max Leung Kah Nung who now drives a swanky new black two-door Merc, which he bought on his own. Will always be a dear friend to me coz we get to speak in Hakka when we want to backstab someone.. nyahaha...

Two guys from Science 2, Tommy Chiang Choon Leong (in red) who is doing.. er... I forgot what he's doing now but I do know that he's working now. And, I do know that he's still as sweet as ever. Raymond Loh Chiang Yew, heartthrob to the younger girls in school. He managed to come from his cousin's wedding dinner and still ordered something to eat!

Law Pin Kean was penolong ketua pengawas along with my brother. He's now working in a bank in Kajang, if I'm not mistaken. Sim Hui Wei, longtime friend was late due to an accident that happened to her brand new Perodua Myvi.

You know the first two so let's start from the girl in white. Ong Su Ee, ketua pengawas and future architect, currently finishing off at Newcastle, NSW. Her hand is on the shoulder of Lian Poh Choo, sweet and super intelligent currently in UM. Behind her is Nai Ching Yee, joined us in Form 4. In grey is Wong Yew Fon who used to be blur but is someone who is sweet and loyal to friends. Last but not least, Lee Lee Sih (Rick's cousin), who is 2 days older than I am. Not sure if she's still working for Aunty Gek at the salon in Ampang but she sure has beautiful skin and lovely hair now.

Alexis Keith Fernandez is the young man standing next to Chee Kit. He's a copyrighter now. You know that Perodua advertisement that was on TV during CNY where there were 3 young boys (one Malay, one Chinese and one Indian) who spoke Mandarin and played lion dance? Well, he did the copyrights for that. The handsome young man sitting in front of him is Robin Sue Tze Liang, who is working in Kelana Jaya doing web designing. It was also his gf's birthday so he had to run to and fro our gathering and her birthday dinner. Next to him is Vijay, a person I've not seen since VK's break-up with me. That would be 4 years?

We practically took over the whole shop! This is only one part. We had tables at the sides as well!

That was not all who attended. There were many more. To name a few, there were Yeow Chwan, Rick Kee, Jeunn Fuh, Peng Wai, Edwin, Justin, Chia Lit, Karen (Kow Cheng Ye), Yin Lee, Husaini, Chin Liang, Weng Fei, Yee Sim, Kong, Yuen Chai and many more!

I would like to thank all of you who has helped to make this reunion a success, especially Chee Kit, Adelle and Jeunn Fuh who helped me call the peeps whose numbers I don't have. Thank you guys so much!

P/S: Santhosh apologized for not being able to make it due to Thaipusam.

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