Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dream a little dream of....

Had a dream of a guy I used to have a crush on in high school. It was a peculiar scenario. Unsure of where we were exactly and what we were doing, I allowed myself to continue dreaming. It was at the beach. And for some parts, we were at a shoplot. I think near my house. Now, there certainly isn't a beach anywhere near my house so it seemed really weird. To make it even more weird, he was rather friendly towards me. We weren't particularly best of friends in school and I haven't been thinking of him recently so why this sudden appearance in my dream?!

He taught me how to surf. I don't even now how to swim in real life. =/ He stood up for me when some of the other girls bad-mouthed me. How sweet... *blush* (in the dream, not now la!) He held my hand when we climbed down some rocks. He helped me pack my stuff and carried my tote bag from the beach to the car.

And we attended some meeting at one of the shoplots. Upstairs were tables arranged in a long row and chairs all around. There were many people and he waved at me. I sat next to him. Didn't dare to look at him, as I never dared to look at him in class back then. After the meeting, we were the last to leave. We went down the stairs and he held me back. His hand was on my left shoulder. He came near me to whisper something into my ear, which I totally do not remember now and he started to kiss me! OMG!

The disbelief actually woke me up. And for the entire day, I tried to call him on his mobile. I finally managed to get him in the evening. It's funny how things turn out. We are now 'phone buddies'. Still a little shy and awkward when we meet but at least our misunderstanding of a decade ago has been cleared. I love the feeling of getting things out in the open. At least, we are still friends.

I wonder why I don't dream of my boyfriend that often... hmm.......

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