Thursday, March 02, 2006

New discoveries!

I was feeling lazy, yet again, so I browsed through random blogs. There were a few which were hosted by BlogCharm and they caught my attention. Why? They had this:

Why not get paid to blog?

Wa!! I thought, yea, why not? I signed up for an account just to end up deleting the blog I had set up. They wanted me to create a Paypal account, which I did. But, due to my own insecurities of online transactions (especially when it requires your bank account number), I chickened out. I closed the Paypal account the second after I created it. Annoying eh, people like me?

You might be wondering how you get paid and you might be thinking, hey, I wanna get paid, too! Just go to their website and find out for yourself. If you know how AdSense works, you would be able to figure this out pretty easily.

As for me, I'm fine with blogspot. That is until someone I know can prove to me that it is safe to use BlogCharm and I won't lose any of my parents' hard-earned money to some cyberthief.

There is a lecturer here at Macquarie who is Malaysian! Wow! She specializes in History of Travel and History of Love. Imagine that... love you know... and how did I find out about her? As students, we get an update of what happens in uni. Yea, it's like a newsletter. And she was featured in it coz of the release of her new book. Oh yes, she writes books, too! I did a Google search on her name and I found out that she has won an Australian award of some sort (I don't remember the name of the award, ok: bad memory) for her book Love and Vertigo.

Oooo.... new books to eye on, new author to spy on!

Yeash!!! I'm so gonna take advantage of Co-op's 15% discount!

Hello, Miss Teo Hsu-Min!

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