Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Unusual dinner

Today I decided to cook. Usually I would prefer to let Shaun do all the cooking and I would just pretend that he's fine without any help. Well, I usually do the cleaning up, as in while he's cooking. Erin and I take turns to wash up afterwards.

Today I decided to prepare the ingredients, since Shaun wasn't home yet and I didn't want to take a nap. I figured that it was too early for a cycle so away I went with the chopping, cutting, peeling, pulling and whacking of shallots, ginger, garlic, beef, tomato, carrot and apple.

Intended dishes were beef with shallots and ginger, and an omellette. Was thinking of putting in mushrooms, chilli and tomato into the egg but we didn't have mushrooms, Erin doesn't take spicy and so I was left with only the tomato. ARGH! So, I decided to be a little creative. I put in a carrot, which I sliced thinly, and an apple!!! I cut the apple into cubes. Boiled the carrot in some hot water so that it would be softer when I cook them with the egg. And when I dumped everything into the pan, they smelled terrific! I then added some salt and pepper. After a few tosses, I though I'd add some sesame oil. Wasn't sure how it would taste but what the heck.

Verdict: It tasted weird. Haha, but it was a good type of weird. It wasn't salty enough, though. And the one cup of rice wasn't enough today! Shaun and Erin were very hungry! Erin then made some 'bananarama' flavoured oats, which she and Shaun absolutely did NOT enjoy. Oh... Uncle Toby's, oh so tasty... NOT!

Another day. I'm going to start cycling now. Have to give Nic back his comp. Haha...

Hm, what should I cook tomorrow? Maybe the brocolli. It's starting to turn into ice.

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