Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Prayers needed by the bucketload

Conversation between my cousin Woon Bing and I, this afternoon over the MSN Messenger:

WB: Did you hear about Paul?
SJ: Oh hello, no, I didn't. What happened to Paul? (sensing something amiss)
WB: He's in ICU now. In critical condition.
WB: He slipped and hit his head when going into the drain to take the ball. He was playing basketball.
SJ: Which hospital is he in? Is he awake yet?
WB: HUKM. Not sure. All I know is that he was supposed to wake up yesterday. They only told us during Sunday service. I don't know what really happened.
SJ: OK, thanks for letting me know. I will call Jon. He would know more.
WB: OK. Take care.

Paul is a lovely, caring and energetic young man who has lots of friends who love him in return. He is funny, sarcastic and played really good volleyball.

According to Jon, he was fine until he gradually lost his coordination. His condition has been up and down. He's had two operations and his brain was bleeding. Not sure if it's still bleeding or not. Doctors took him of sedation but he's still in coma.

Oh please, give me a break already! Last year my bro, my cousin and now a good friend of mine in life-threatening mode? And all happening when I'm over here???

I must've been a Communist or a terrorist in my past life to deserve all this.

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Anonymous said...

dun worry dear. he'll be fine. you have my prayers =)