Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter insanity

It's the Easter break now and all hell has broken lose. When I was supposed to be catching up on research, but I went window-shopping and screaming my lungs out at the Royal Easter Show. Not to mention busy catching up with friends and my ex at the Malaysian Sports Carnival.

Too bad I don't have pictures of Shaun and I on the sling shot. Actually, I take that back. Thank goodness I don't have pictures of that coz I look absolutely petrified. Urgh! $30 for the most heart-stopping 30 seconds of my life! That went my Friday.

Saturday was wasted waiting for Shaun to get his new 'hi-tech' toy - his new Nokia which uses the 3 network. He just can't wait until his plan with Optus ends! So now he has a handset which has a 2.0 megapixel camera! Then, the most unexpected of the unexpected happened. Melvin actually accepted our dinner invitation and brought Josh along for steamboat! Had a great time with them - no awkwardness, just good laughs. I miss that part of Josh, the part who doesn't just disses me in front of a whole crowd just coz of our bad history. Then Melvin had to start a bout of ghost stories, which had Erin, and I sleeping in Shaun's room with a lamp on all night!

Then, the day we have all been waiting for - the day Nic plays netball!!! Haha, I must say that was the most happening netball match I've ever attended. We had nicknames such as 'Woman Dominic', 'Wanker Dominic' and 'Miss Dominic' because he played the WD position. Nic was made famous and he has us to thank. Jun Hui had the whole SUAMS gang cheering 'cheerleader' style:

"Gimme a D! [D!], gimme an O! [O!], gimme an M! [M!] etc... What does that say? DOMINIC! Go, Dominic!"

Now, let's leave it to the pics to do the talking.

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