Saturday, April 29, 2006

Unexpected stay

Thursday. Shaun was in the city with uni friends. Frantically tried to call him to tell him that something was seriously wrong with me. Have already purged twice and threw up thrice. All within one hour.

Called Ta Seng to ask him if the medical centre at Macquarie was still open. He got panicky. Even wanted to call a cab. Thankfully, he called Daniel instead and he was on his way to Wei Foo's place. Kent was there and they drove over to pick me up.

Registered myself at the counter at around 9pm. I had to wait for about 30 minutes before the triage nurse called my name. Then another 2 hours before Shaun came to the hospital. Ta Seng, Daniel and Kent went home. It was not until 1am that I was called in by the doctor. By then, I had threw up and purged an additional 5 times each. I felt extremely weak. Dizzy.

Doctor took a tube of blood from me. She put me on drips. She kept me there until 4:30am. The cost of all that was a whopping $140. I arrived home at 5am. I vomited another time before taking a warm shower. Went into blissful sleep after that.

Awoken by a text message at 8:30am. Wrote down my cue cards and emailed my presentation to Emma. Shaun sent me to uni at 12pm. I was the second to present and I did a good job. Wore my baju kurung to make up for my pale complexion.

Arrived home at 3:15pm. Ate plain porridge, though not much of it and went straight to sleep.

I never thought I'd have to spend a whole night in the hospital and be put on drips! I only expected that scenario to take place when I am maybe 40 or 50!

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