Sunday, May 28, 2006

From Jing Jing to Cheng Cheng

We used to laugh and play
out in the sun all day
in the bubbles of the bathtub
to rub off all the excess mud

We used to spend lots of time
in my home which is
actually mum's office as well
running up and down
till she yells

Upstairs, all of you, up you go!
Startling some of the customers
and leaving us with heads hung low

You used to teach me
little and simple things
sweeping the floor
and cleaning dishes became
less of a chore

I still remember you saying
'You use this end like this
to get to the dirt in the edge'
'You mop the floor from one end
to the other to have a smooth surface'

All the jokes
and the singing
oh, the impromptu music and Mandarin lessons
the sound of them still ringing
in my head until today

Dearest cousin
while it's been a while
since we've talked
you are always in my thoughts

Now that it's near
to you special day
I would like to be the first
to wish you Happy Birthday!

[Dedicated to my cousin sister, Meng Cheng, who is currently pursuing her Master education in Monash University down in Melbourne. She is turning 25 tomorrow.]

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