Friday, June 22, 2007



Today, as of 1600 hours, I am no longer an undergraduate student. Provided that I'd pass my exams (which I know I will and with almost flying colours), I am now able to call myself a graduate. Muahahaha.... after four years of staying up late, listening to iLectures, printing notes, completing assignments, rushing for the bus and watching television dramas illegally.

But, is it a case of really merdeka-ing or not? (That question sounds grammatically wrong =/). Or is it just the beginning of the journey? I think life has just begun for me. I have been told numerous times how lucky I am to be 'still a student'. While my other classmates have begun their working lives, I am just venturing into it. But hey, who says learning halts?

Knowledge is the result of lifelong learning. The knowledge I've gained through my experiences (not only from studying but everything else) in uni I will use as a stepping stone for my future endeavours. I've always believed that it is not WHAT we learn and achieve that is important. Instead, it is HOW we use what we've learnt and the lessons we've GAINED from achievement that are vital in self growth and development.

What will I be doing after this now that I'm done? Plan the itenerary and recollect enough strength and equipment for my next expedition, of course!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats & welcome to the graduate world!! Best of luck in embracing new challenges... :)