Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spending CNY with Brianna

Well, CNY lasts for 15 days so it was one out of those 15 days that I spent with this cheeky monkey:

Isn't she just adorable? She is able to crawl and is fascinated with the house pets (a dog and a cat named Monty and Sooty respectively). She exercises her vocal chords aplenty, saying her 'dada's at the top of her voice. At the moment, everything and everyone is 'dada'. Once in a while, she slips in a 'mama' or a 'baba'.

She's an attentive little thing, she. Inquisitive and fairly out-going. Still, things end up in her mouth due to teething. I guess that will continue for some time. Her appetite is one that needs no complains as she is not picky with food. In fact, she LOVES eating!

She's moved to Canberra because of her dad's work commitments. However, I'll be seeing her this Saturday at her 1st birthday party!

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