Saturday, March 01, 2008

It doesn't take much

Phone calls
Greeting cards
Text messages
A short mention in a blog
Even better, a whole blog post
Birthday wishes
'I miss you's
'Let's go out for makan's
'Never mind la, I belanja la's
More hugs
Pecks on the cheek
Sweet smiles
Remembering our past
'Thank you's

Doesn't take much, really....

Thanks to the long conversation I had with Robin last night on the MSN, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few friends who have made the last few months 'Happy' months...

Starting from the most recent: Robin, I seriously meant it when I said you made my week. I actually had tears in my eyes when you told me you are still using the mug I gave you on your 12th birthday - something that even I can't recall! Thanks, mate!

Max, I was honest every time I told you that I think you're really sweet - in the history of my 4.5 years stay here in Sydney, you are the ONE AND ONLY friend who bothers calling me up. Means heaps to me..

Josh, aiya, you know why I love you so no need to say la...

Stellina, without your presence here in uni, I think I'd just die of loneliness - nobody understands a Malaysian better than a Singaporean classmate.... hahahahaha...... when are we going shopping again ar?

Jenny and Angeline, no need to say much ler hor? Quick, we need to make time for our dancing sessions again!


Anonymous said...
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Ken Wooi said...

great friends make a great life =)