Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sports Carnival 2008

You must be wondering why I still attend events organised by the 4 Malaysian student unions. To cut to the chase, and also to admit, it is because I freaking BOTHER and haha, I like to be where there are many people.

So, I set my alarm to wake me at 7 in the morning. When it rang, I turned it off and ended up waking up half an hour later. Ah, just in time to go to Coles to buy myself a bottle of Nutella, I thought. Arrived at Coles at 8 sharp, just to be reminded that daylight saving has ended, which means I was ONE HOUR EARLY...

Sigh, nevermind. So I forgotten to turn my clocks back an hour. Thank goodness for petrol stations. Managed to buy my breakfast and lunch there. I ended up arriving really early at the Sports and Aquatic Centre of the University of Sydney. Super early lor...

Main reason for being there was to support Jenny. You should see Jenny in action on court and off. So, er, excited and into the game...

Must be the Gatorades and the Red Bulls that she's had that's making her so pumped up:

The carnival also served as a meeting point, too. Met up with MGM and MFest dancers from last year, like Ru Jih, May Wan, Edison and Kok Kit, who is also my primary schoolmate.

Ah, not forgetting the Mauritian turned Malaysian, Jonathan Leung.. haha..

I've not had so much fun in a long time. This kind of fun only comes when you feel like you are part of a group. On this day, I definitely felt like I belonged. What's funny is that I barely knew this group of people in the morning. By the end of the day, we were exchanging phone numbers, e-mail addresses and snapping photos. I'd have to thank Jenny for introducing her new committee to me! But then, I was also in a self-introducing mood that day, or in Jenny's words, "expanding network mood": Hello, I'm Chrys, er, I didn't get your name. Nice to meet you!

Out of all the new friends I made, I liked three of them the best; Pek Lynn, Vivian and Shaun:

That was what I was up to the entire day, other than cheering for MASA (yes, yes, I am betraying MSA but, hey, I know more people in MASA and they are way cuter and more happening). But, as usual, MSO took the trophy home. They beat everyone else flat in volleyball, basketball, netball, soccer and badminton. MSA won tennis. I think. I cannot recall the results. But, I do know that MSO is overall champion (again), MASA is second, MSA third with SUAMS in last position.

In between, I also took some time to walk around campus, walk Ru Jih back to International House, as well as Chris to his Jewish College accommodation. Ended up finishing off Ru Jih's packet of peanut M&M's, posing to let her check whether I look more like Charlene or Gillian, and talking about relationships. Sigh, Ru Jih, still young la you, enjoy life la. Chris gave me a tour of his college and showed me the MILO can that he's on.

After the sports carnival, Jenny and I went out for dinner in Newtown with Miow. That was when he told us the exciting story of how Nic was issued a speeding fine. He even recorded it on his phone! Dessert was had at the Taiwanese tea place on George Street with Edison. Such a gentleman, he. Not only did he pay for my tea, he paid for my signature hot chocolate as well! Thank you, yea... We finished off the day gossiping, critisizing, hypothesizing and laughing at the wateredge of Darling Harbour.

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